can you be a pagan without having a specific sect you belong to\?

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I know there are a ton of different sects of paganism (pantheism, wicca etc)
but can you be a pagan without belonging to a certain sect like that?
Or would that be considered eclectic?

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Gerry S

It depends how you define Pagan. My definition of Paganism is celebrating life (or creation, or whatever you choose to celebrate) through nature. I consider myself a Pagan, though I have no religion, because to me, Paganism is a way of celebrating, rather than necessarily a set of beliefs. I even believe it’s possible for someone to be a Christian Pagan, if they follow the teachings of the Bible, but choose to worship in nature and through nature.
My wife considers herself a Wiccan. While we don’t share identical beliefs, we are able to celebrate natural cycles in natural situations together.

Do it Wright

I do not know how to spell, or use “Grammor”!

Troy K

Actually, it seems like a lot of pagans today are in some grey area, and haven’t really chosen a sect. I think most of those would be considered eclectic. Some people like myself feel that tradition is very important, while others would rather make their own, or find some mix between a personal and a traditional practice.

frou frou

of course
but generally yeah, soceity , even pagan soceity, woudl class you as an eclectic then
and thats no problem, im happy to be classed as that, i dont like the steryotype of it, but at least im still understood and accepted as pagan

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

Absolutely. There are tons of people who simply identify themselves as pagan or neopagan without any more specific qualifier. These people generally could also be described as eclectic pagans, but there’s certainly no requirement to use on not use that term.


Per this set of definitions:
sect [sekt]
1. a body of persons adhering to a particular religious faith; a religious denomination.
2. a group regarded as heretical or as deviating from a generally accepted religious tradition.
3. (in the sociology of religion) a Christian denomination characterized by insistence on strict qualifications for membership, as distinguished from the more inclusive groups called churches.
4. any group, party, or faction united by a specific doctrine or under a doctrinal leader.
I would have to answer “No”, in that in the prcess of defining which God or Goddess you
choose to worship, you could conceivably be considered (by various definitions above) in
sect. And in any event, per definitin #2, you are in a sect just being a pagan.

The Dog Ladys Cat

There is nothing wrong with being an eclectic.
I know many.
Harm no one


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