Can you be a good christian and still follow a magick path?

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Sheltie Lover

Black Magic….No.


I suppose that depends on your definition of “good christian” and “magick path”, but I think the general concensus is no… they appear to be mutually exclusive.


That would be a bit difficult considering Christians are taught that the use of magic is a sin. However, according to biblical texts he did give special abilities to some of his believers. So why wouldn’t he ask of it again (other than the whole crucifiction thing)? Ultimately it’s between you and your god. Pray to him and see what is revealed in your heart.

Daniel Dawning

Yes… But, you have to be a certain type of Christian. i.e. I can’t picture someone belonging to the Baptist church and practicing Magick.

Anthony Rowe

wtf is magick? is that like magic where you think you can do shit with your mind… or candles, and little crystals and shit?
answer, no. jesus is the way. the only way.

Pastors George and Sharon

No. You can’t serve two masters.


There is a path called Christopaganism. There’s also the Christian Witches, Jewitches, and others who combine an Abrahamic religion with Neopaganism. These paths are somewhat obscure, but they are certainly out there.
Only you can define what your spirituality is going to be. Look within yourself and figure out what you believe. You don’t have to constrict yourself to religious labels. Don’t listen to others–only listen to your heart. I had a spiritual teacher who once said, “Take the best, leave the rest.”
You might also look into Gnostic Christianity. In my mind, it has a somewhat magickal flavor.
Good luck 🙂


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