Can you Astral project without having sleep paralysis?

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Although i haven’t projected fully, i’ve had it to the point where i heard vibrations and voices and i could see everything around me at once which confused the hell out of me, in which every time i was 100% conscious.
But every time i have had any of these they only happend when i had sleep sleep paralysis and relaxed and focused on leaving my body.
Do people meditate to get into this state of a conscious mind and asleep body in order to astral project?
Thanks for the replies, any tips / information is appreaciated.

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Bob Vila

You might try binaural beats or isochronic tones. They help get the mind into the correct state of consciousness. The hardest part is not panicking when the heaviness and vibrations start. Once you get over that “fear” its a bit easier.
I assume the heaviness is the sleep paralysis, but its not the same kind of sleep paralysis I have when I have had it coming out of sleep.

SPL Texas

Don’t mess with that – you will expose your soul and spirit and body to demonic beings and if they invade you – you will become possessed and only Jesus could save you!
Seek Jesus to come in you and be filled with his Spirit!


I’ve had sleep paralysis many times in my life. I have never seen anything but I had the feeling of something jumping on me and holding me down. I truly believe there is a spiritual battle going on with this. I’m not doubting that there is a condition called sleep paralysis, but I think that the demonic force is involved. The best thing to do is to resist this. I haven’t experienced this in years.

Off Grid Granny

My understanding is you cannot project without having sleep paralysis. The theory is it prevents the body from getting up and moving somewhere else, and that the body cannot move without the spirit inside it, as it is actually your spirit that projects.
I expect that meditation goes a long way in attaining a state where the spirit can project, however the ability to do so seems to diminish with age.

Lady Lynx

From what I’ve heard, sleep paralysis just makes it easier to astral project. First you have to get over the incredible fear that comes with sleep paralysis. I don’t think I could do that.

A Unique Mind

In order to do astral projection your physical body does have to be asleep. However this does not mean though that you have to be aware of your sleeping physical body in a state of sleep paralysis.
When I first projected a long time ago, I fell fully asleep, mind & body. Then I just found myself at one point awake in another dimension in a house looking out the window at a severe storm. Anyway not much happened & later I was sucked back to my body & woke up. I never experienced the sleep paralysis state, but my body was still asleep, & my mind became conscious in another dimension.
I have experienced sleep paralysis since then, & that is the state I try to achieve through meditation to project. It is the hardest part of AP. If you can get to the sleep paralysis state then the rest is easy.

Aaron A

You do not need to experience sleep paralysis to experience astral projection. You can use binaural beats music to assist your experience (one option):
Another good option is to use Tattva cards:
Meditation is often recommended to complement spiritual development of any type. There are some good tips from the related field of Remote viewing at this address:


There are cases of spontaneous OBE from the waking state but it is uncommon. Sometimes these happen in times of panic or trauma, as part of the symptomology of near death experience. Sleep paralysis remains the quickest and easiest track to astral projection.


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