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Can you astral project in your sleep?

I had this weird dream… It felt real. I was just at the park around the corner, it felt like I was there, but not in a corporeal form.
I also had fallen asleep with a piece of astrophyllite around my neck, because of its self esteem benefits. I didn’t realise at the time that it was also meant to facilitate astral travel…
Is that possible? Or was it just a dream.


  1. anything is possible, how do you validate reality in the first place?
    how can you say that your lfie is life and your dream is a dream?
    whats the difference between your reality and your dreams?

  2. To answer yes it is. Go to the library and read up on the subject. You’ll be surprised at what and when it can do and occur. Plus you’ll have a better understanding of it and maybe even some day e able to help control when and where you do it.

  3. and there we have,
    a soul, that departs from the body.
    just because you cannot see your soul, indeed does not disprove it,
    Yet none beleives in God, on the grounds of lack of sightings of God.
    there is a silver cord attached to your soul,
    and should you travel as far as to break this silver cord on one of your escapades,
    You will die.
    KJV 1611 of the Holy Bible.

  4. You can indeed project any time your body is asleep, it’s part of your natural sleep pattern. The (learnable) knack is being mentally alert enough at the time to remember it. As you were just round the corner, strictly speaking it wasn’t an ‘astral’ projection, it was an etheric one, but in many ways they’re very similar. If you’d like to explore these things some more, give this link a read, it’s a good one.

  5. it could have only been a lucid dream. usually you dont go from a dream to astral projection but i think it might be possible because your body is already asleep.


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