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Can you astral project in space?

I’ve had a projection (out of body experience) and i’ve floated around my house. I was wondering if i’t possible to project to other planets and solar systems and experience the universe real time?


  1. Hmm. Unlikely. If you have these experiences then you probably have very little control… and it probably didn’t really happen.

  2. You’ve had a trance, lucid dream, or hallucination. If you think you can actually astrally project, there’s a fairly simple test you can do. Clairvoyance. You’ll need someone’s help to say write or draw something in secret, and leave it where you could see it astrally projecting, but not otherwise. Then just astrally float on over there and view it. Once you get back to your body, write or draw what you saw. Then check the test item. If that works, then demonstrate it to the James Randi foundation. It’s for a million dollars (US). There’s a lengthy application process, due to all the people who used to apply but couldn’t even demonstrate their abilities to their *own* satisfaction.

  3. absolutely. Just takes practice and understanding. We do also do such things in our ‘dreams’ sometimes and are completely unaware of it. For example my mum was helping to build a planet through astral travelling in her dreams a few years ago. But it started to give her burns on her hands and the skin was peeling so she asked to stop going.


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