Can you arouse kundalini with SALVIA Divinorum?

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Hold on while I try.


I’d say so…
Haven’t you ever tickled yourself ‘down there’ with a sage branch?
I thought everyone did that…


I’ve grown Salvias before but I’ve never been aroused by them.


It will not awaken kundalini. It is used for out of body experiences.
It just causes mild hallucinations and a lack of awareness of your surroundings. Keep a sitter near by.
Daniel Siebert has a website dealing with use of this drug which is legal in the US.
It is also called Mary of the Shepherds and is used for divination rituals by the shamans in Northern Mexico.

Atmo D

In my experience no, but that is not concrete. Its effects are useful nonetheless when used in conjunction with mystical/meditative practises and definitely should not be disregarded. It is a very short, very positive and very intense hit,
Feelings of euphoria, hysteria, deep understandings and out of body/separation from the body experiences and mostly a feeling of unity, relaxation and a prolonged feeling of being at one with the world are the most significant things that have happened to me so far using salvia. I have never used it alone I have always mixed it with other intoxicants, because there is a synergetic effect which must be taken into account, which more than triples the power of anything, as long as the combination is accurate.
Raising the Kundalini must be taken very seriously, because on the upward journey all the channels must be cleared out totally, so if you try to raise it through the use of drugs and your channels are not clear you may encounter very quickly obstacles which are not ready to be removed. Please make sure your ground work is completed before quickening the process with drugs of any kind, because when something is not ready to be removed it can be an uncomfortable process.
Great link by the way.


Yes, It absolutely can. I know because it happened to me after using it and now I’m in a new direction in life. I didn’t even know what it was (or chakras) until after it started happening to me. Believe me, you’ll know when if it does.


First time I smomked salvia I felt a heavy snake on me like a lead vest.


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