HomeDiscussion ForumCan you answer this question using only telepathy?

Can you answer this question using only telepathy?


  1. I did answer it using only telepathy, so yes, I can.
    But, I didn’t hear back from you. Either I’m not truly telepathic, you aren’t telepathic, or the message was somehow blocked or delayed.
    Or were you just ignoring me?!?

  2. Yes!!! Hope you like the answer you get. Don’t really know what you want to know, but am sending you an answer anyway. Hope you get it.

  3. Gotcha.
    Yes, I’ve done that before; no big deal. Give me about 20 minutes to get ready and then come over with all the “tools”. I’ll be waiting for you, my love! 😉

  4. Yes, I missed you so much.
    You were always on my mind.
    I couldn’t take you out of my head.
    I was thinking of you all the time.
    These days were as long as thousands of years.
    e.e. Johnny


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