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Can you actually do a Kamehameha? (PLEASE READ)?

From what I’ve researched that their really is chi energy in your body and I was wondering If you could DBZ feats but on a lower scale.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qi – Chi history
http://www.freewebs.com/radicalkitemple/intermediate.htm – Kamehameha & other techniques
http://www.freewebs.com/radicalkitemple/miscelaneouski.htm – human flight theory
what do you think?


  1. I don’t think that there are any documented cases of anyone being able to actually do anything like that.
    The Qi (in chinese) and the Ki (in japanese) are kind of opposing theories. The Qi is a spiritual energy that flows through life forms, where as Ki is a physical energy.
    So the Japanese believe that Ki comes out when you yell Kia. The motions involved with the yell enhances the yell. There are masters in Japan who have been shown to stop opponents with just their yells. There’s a TV show with a british guy who goes around and researches the different concepts of martial arts around the world. He had a guy on the show who could stand on one corner of a room, and ring a bell at the other corner with just his voice.
    It’s called Kicks, Punches and…..I don’t know what the last word is but look it up.

  2. In theory, perhaps. It has widely been speculated (and mythologized) that ki energy can be channeled to the point that it can be cast as some kind of energy projectile towards opponents. After all, if it can enhance the power behind kicks and punches, why not? But as was stated, there are no scientifically documented cases of this ever happening. If nothing else, I doubt that the development of the use of ki/qi/chi energy has ever evolved to the point of being capable of such a thing. And in this modern age, when the training in the use of ki has been all but lost to time, it seems unlikely that anyone will ever achieve that end.

  3. look it up on youtube theres a couple guys who claim to be able to do stuf like that. especially this one american guy but….it only works on his students lol. haha
    i sincerely doubt it works, it would have to be done to me for me to believe it.

  4. i know you can…u can also run fast like sonic the hedgehog or grow by absorbing a mushroom like mario or do a hadoken like ryu or even catch pokemons

  5. i can its easy now all you have to do is press forward and triangle(budokai tenkaichi 3)
    1)do not believe everything that is on wikipedia because anyone can edit it. i can go edit that page right now if i wanted
    2)dont put too much trust in a website that starts off “freewebs” that means its a free site that anyone could have made with too much time on their hands. lol that didnt even pay for an actual real site


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