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Can Yoga that is in a specially designed 38 degree heat room have negative health affects?

I am investigating the negative health affects associated with this. Or is this perhaps a miracle weight loss method?
Okay, I think by adding the weight loss thing at the end has deterred from the point. I’m asking of health risks associated with doing yoga in 38 degree heat.


  1. There’s no such thing as a miracle weight loss method.
    It can cause dehydration seeing as you’re sweating so much (assuming you mean 38 Celsius). Dehydration is pretty serious so if you’re going to do this kind of yoga you need to drink a lot of water during.

  2. No Drink alot of water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and move around ALOT !!!!!!!!!! stop eating anything that taste good — ONLY IF ITS green eat and some fruit ONLY no sweets and then you will lose weight PLUS lots of YOGA and running
    NOT fun ! but if you do then you will be thin !!!!!!!!!!!
    The Hotter the room the better ur yoga pratice will !!!!!!!!!! you will lost more weight

  3. You might be more included to pull a muscle, if it was that chilly. That’s the only risk I can think of….


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