Can yoga really help you to lose weight?

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If you did yoga about 5 times a week will you lose weight from it? I was just wondering since so many people say you can. And if so, what kind of asanas should I do, or are there any certain ones?

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Yoga typically increases flexiblity, which is good for your bones, muscles, and joints. Depending on the type of yoga you do, you really can burn some major calories. I always work up a sweat when I do yoga. ( I do it occationally with Namaste Yoga on FitTV)

Lency H



Any type physical exercise should help you lose weight in conjunction with proper nutrition.


It depends on the class, if it is a beginner you may not lose much but as you increase you will definitely. I used to take classes where they heat up the room so you sweat a lot – it was a hard class but I was in great shape. There is also “power yoga” where you move fast and do push ups in between positions. So if you want to lose more you have to pick a class with heat and a faster pace.

Amanda F

Yes you will but more importantly you will look better, it tones your body and it hits the spots that help to define a womans body… good luck 🙂


Yoga doest just the final touchup, & not for the weight loss part


There are too many factors to give a simple yes or no answer to your question. So much depends upon your body, your current fitness level, your pre-existing fitness program, your diet (and by that I mean how well and what you eat, not what plan you’re on), etc. A lot also depends upon the type of yoga class you do, for how long, etc.
Yoga can support weight loss in several ways, however.
*It is a form of physical activity and therefore means that you will burn calories. (Heck, you burn calories by sleeping, too.) Generally the more rigorous the class (e.g. Ashtanga, power, vinyas, or Bikram), the more you will sweat and burn. That said, too much rigorous yoga can be hard on your body, especially your wrists, so it’s a good idea to do one gentler practice a week.
*It can improve your body consciousness. Becoming more aware of your body can help you make better decisions about what you put into it and what you do with it.
*It can improve your self-esteem. A good yoga program will help you learn to accept your body, including its limitations and imperfections, and to challenge yourself constantly.


Possibly. I generally drop a little weight if I’ve taken time off from yoga and then go back to a weekly practice – but it’s not ONLY the yoga that’s doing it. Practicing increases my awareness of my body, and so I tend to eat more healthfully, do other forms of exercise as well, get enough sleep, drink enough water, etc.
It would also depend on what sort of yoga you’re practicing – a relaxation class isn’t going to give you the same kind of workout as say, power yoga or a Bikram class. I personally do a vinyasa practice, because I want to break a sweat and feel like I’ve worked my muscles, but don’t want it to be ‘aerobics yoga’ either.


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