Can Yoga help me be flexible and stronger for breakdancing?

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I have really weak arms. I was wondering if yoga could help me find balance and strengthen my arms for handstands. I like to breakdance, but my arms are to weak to do long handstands. Anybody think Yoga will help me get sronger arms and develop flexibility?

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Happy- Go

can’t hurt


yes it will help overall with your muscle fibers

Steve V

Flexibility……..definitely! Strength in the arms…not so much.
Yoga will help some, but you’re better off weight training for that.




Yes, but do strength training also. This can be easily achieved by working out while holding cans of veggies.

snape's lover

it helps. Yoga is fun.


if it’sa more advanced yoga class than yes, but if it is more focused on the relaxation side of yoga then no. A you have to stay consistant with doing it.



Emily Dew

It will definitely help! Start with a beginner’s program though, because it can get quite intense.

Candi G

yes, it’s helps me. you can pilates to it for greater strength. good luck!




Yes. Yoga helps build strength because it uses your main muscle and all your stabilizer muscles, as opposed to only the main muscle the machine in the gym uses.


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