I recently strained my lower back and I want to add yoga (actually bodyflow) to my training. Once healthy, will doing yoga\bodyflow help keep future back pain to a minimum?


  • yoga is a great form of exercise, but you should really get an evaluation from a physival therapist.

    I think the plank is a great yoga bose that can help to stabilze your lower back.

    check out the plank and also these ab exercises…

  • It depends on the type of back pain and your teacher. The type of back pain that comes from weak and/or inflexible muscles and poor posture can greatly improve with yoga, provided that you have a teacher that doesn’t push you beyond you limits and let’s you take your time to build up your strength and flexibility. Your back (and hips and hamstrings and abs, which all contribute to back problems) will then get much stronger and more flexible and should trouble you less in the future.

    There are back conditions that aren’t as easily ‘treated with yoga’. If your pain is in your SI joints, for instance, you can make yoga work for you and help you improve, but you need a knowledgeable teacher who can tell you what muscles to use in what poses so you don’t aggravate it. Conditions like spinal stenosis, also: yes, yoga can help you feel better, but you’d better find a teacher who knows what she’s doing.

    In short: you need to know what causes you back pain first and then decide wether to join a regular class or whether to seek out a yoga therapist for instance.

  • Yes. It will increase your flexibility and strengthen your core muscles, which will in turn strengthen your back and help prevent future back problems.

  • Yes, I believe yoga will help with your back pain.
    My dad had a great improvement in his back pain and arthritis using Herbalife nutrition products to help the body repair.

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