Can yoga excercises and calisthenics get you a toned and defined body?

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I decided it does not make a point in lifting weight not that it is not effective but of time constraints…Calisthenics i can almost do anywhere and anytime.. Will calisthenics and some yoga i learned get me a toned and defined body

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Yes yoga is an excellent way of toning up your bod.

Frraggrf G

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Yoga is great for the body, especially with becoming much more flexible. It is relaxing too. Pilates would be great for more of the toning, in my opinion. There’s also what’s called “yogilates” which is just a mixture of both. You could buy or rent dvds of both and do them at home. 🙂

Tasha J

yes extensive calenthenics and yoga…try to borrow couple of dvds from the library.


It sounds like you’re finding the exercises that work best for you and that you will stick with, that should be the goal of anyone wanting to be healthier and more fit. So many people force themselves to do exercises they hate, or don’t exercise because they think they have to go to a gym.
So yes definitely, calisthenics will help pump up your heart rate to burn fat, yoga will help with strength and flexibility and will also work those muscles that don’t get much exercise, making you less prone to injury. You’ll have a great body if you stick with it.
Go for it 🙂


Yoga definitely helps you get a toned body, but you need to know which exercises exactly. Even Yoga can be practiced anywhere.What I’d suggest is that you get some advice from an expert and then start practicing it. It will show results and will make your body more flexible and toned.You could try Franz Andrini’s course at, he has some good courses online.


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