Can Yoga bring people to Christ?

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My experience: I raised the kundalini (a Yoga meditation technique) 12 years ago. After that, i experienced a burning desire to repent of my sins and commit to Christ as my saviour, and found that many Christians entered into my life, sent presumably by God. If you believe Yoga and meditation to be of the Devil or anti-Christian, how would you explain this?

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Dan -E-

Yoga is an excellent path to bring people to spiritual insight.
It seems like you’ve found Christ in your new Bhakti Yoga.
To A.V.R:
Yoga is by definition the Hindu path to the realization of God. The Yoga we know (poses and breathing) is Raja. Bhakti Yoga is deity worship, Karma is working selflessly for the benefit of others, and Jhana Yoga is theological reasoning.
Each of the Yogas is deeply religious.
If you read the Hindu Scriptures, Yoga is extensively talked about in the Upanishads, Yoga Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita.
In America however, its unfortunately dumbed down to be a silly exercise fad.

So12G my gods are squishy

no but it will put out that fire in your back from strained muscles

jack le dog.

yoga and booboo are going to spend an eternity in hell for teasing the park ranger and nicking all those picnic baskets.


yoga is the work of the debble!


The practice of yoga is completely devoid of any religious connotation whatsoever.

Dimitri Volpe

There are many paths that God uses to reach out to His people (even talking donkeys) I am delighted to hear how the kundalini brought you and others closer to God and I praise the Lord for what He did through you but if you take the time to research the roots, spirituality and cosmology of Yoga you might come to realize that one day you will have to accept that Yoga was a valuable stepping stone but not one that you want to dwell on forever.

Ek DharmaYoddha Arya

Yogah Karmasu Kaushlam.
Yoga brings perfection in ur actions.So with the power of Yoga, you can fulfill ur every fair determination.
But while you are trying to bring people on a particular path, Kindly think a few following things:-
1)the path might be true but does it keep the whole series of the truth?
2)Lest it should put the people onto some different assumptions that might harm humanity.
3)How much did this path help me so i have resorted to bring others on this?
4)And last but not least, Is it the best path for the people?can’t we bring these people on other better paths or substitute?Because no path is wrong but the path that is more clear and not have the thorns of misconceptions must be given priorities.
But If you think it is the best way where u are intending to take the people, You don’t need any other supplements like Yoga or meditation.Only those paths must be followed which are complete in itself and doesn’t require any other outer assistance.
Jai Shree Krishna!!!!!


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