Home Discussion Forum Can Witches mix different types of magick?

Can Witches mix different types of magick?

like Wiccan & Satanic
or Voodoo & Hoodoo
or Egyptian & Shamanism
help please?


  1. They sure can, anyone can. Witchcraft is the practice, Wicca is the religion. Not all Witches are Wiccan, and not all Wiccans are Witches. Anyone of any religion can do witchcraft. Eclectics like me do exactly that, we mix and match what works for us individually.

  2. why do you want to. your trying to do to much to fast. study one then another then go to bigger things. or none of it will work.

  3. Yes, you can use whatever magickal tools and methods that resonate with you! Some people find that one path appeals to them exclusively, but i think a lot of us mix’n’match to get the right ingredients…..

  4. Well I don’t think Wiccan and Satanic would go together to much but a lot of witches use different sources. It’s kind of what works for you. Really it is what you put behind it of yourself. Some witches do a full ceremony with robes and paraphernalia and others will sit on the barcalounger with a beer and their magic is just as powerful. It is all the power of mind – whatever label you give it is just that.

  5. You should look into Chaos Magick. I’ve only tried it a few times and it can produce mixed results but it is fun to experiment with.


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