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can witch turn herself in vampire by some balck magic spells or ritual?


  1. Is there any such things as “black magic”, witches, or vampires?
    Or are they just all folklore? I’m guessing they’re all folklore, which means all of this is impossible.

  2. No, there is no black magic or white magic, there is only magic, and magic is an energy, it is imbued in nature.
    And magic doesn’t work like that…
    And I doubt the majority of Witches would even want to bother with such a thing anyway.

  3. well no..but i read that they used to call vampire witches, because they had some powers too..perhaps they’re both the same thing..and all witches are vampires and vise verse..but then again the internet is full of crap.
    but no i don’t think you can do that. i also think vampire’s aren’t witches..

  4. No one can turn themselves into a vampire no matter what kind of magic that they try to use…. And all vampires and werewolves are cursed creature and neither one of them can can turn a living human being or animal into a vampire or another werewolf… For the curse that they both live under will forever prevent that from ever happening…..

  5. i dunno about that…..but some people in our country are voodoo witches tho rare.
    and Dx what will happen if there is one??

  6. witchcraft/wicca/pagansim are real forms of religion. Vampires are pretty much just teen wannabes.
    If they’re female, they probably read or watched the movie twilight and they have a piece missing from their lives and are looking for everlasting love.
    If it’s a boy, he either wants to take advantage of the gullible teeniebopper or he is a loser with no power in real life so he has to imagine a world where he has power.
    Witches wouldn’t want to be a dork.

  7. I don’t know a single real witch who would want to turn into a vampire.
    According to legend and lore, only a vampire can turn another human into a vampire.
    And as MSB said – there is no “black” or “white” magic – magic is energy – it doesn’t have any intentions of its own. It cannot decide for itself how it is used.

  8. Black and white magic are different things my dear friend, my granma studied these things it is not folklore or legends in books they say nonsense but in real life people you know and love could be hiding there secret ot not know it so i warn be careful and never on any circumstances use black magic “what goes around comes around”

  9. ok i belive in fan fiction the thrill of people reading witchs dunt like vampires. i belive in vampires ok it may sound dumb but look thro history i have friendz name tht appears back to 7,ooo years ago. he claims to be one. he said he has killed many but idk. SOme how he is listed one of my great grandfathes it crippie. he got shot supposly in ribs and when i poked him in belly he grabed my hand almost brok my wrist. we almost kissed but he has a gf. i love him. he says if yuh think about it vampires could live if yuh take away sunlight shiny skin and eye color yuh have a daywalking vampire. i said if this so real then turn me which this friday it going to happen no matter what idc if he says no he turnin me (: i want to see if it real

  10. It is not the magick that is black or white (dark or light, to race) it TS the witch using the magick that is. As for a spell for turning one’s self into a vampie’r I had yet to descover one in my wanderings


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