can we use body chakra as a source of the energy to create things or for doing things or create movements?






  1. Generally the answer is ‘No’ for youngsters, the mentally immature and spiritually impure. As you know, energy is a tool, like a knife. It can be used for good as well as for evil. We don’t want this kind of power in the wrong hands, in the hands of people who would be asking such questions as yours, right?
    Rev. Devi

  2. Is this a philosophy question? Wait a moment, I’ll just just think this through. Philosophy is the study of wisdom – Chakaras = a possibly mythical energy flow in the body. So noting to do with philosophy so try alternate medicine or biology.

  3. Hello
    Your Chakras are an expression, a reflection of how you fee, think, act at any given moment. They in themselves cannot do anything outside of yourself.
    You can create energy, psi balls & the like that can be used for healing etc.
    Your mind is the best tool that you have for creating anything as it is your beliefs that brings anything into being.
    With regard to moving things that would again be mental energy.

  4. Demands what you mean by “things”, jj.
    Doing stuff using the body’s energy field witches do all the time, but you won’t get one to tell you how to do that without a LOT of training, and you’ll have to be a lot older.

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