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Can we Transcend Christianity?

I believe we can!
I would like your response based on the following position.
Jesus never came to this world to take on our innumerable sins as most
pastors preach. Jesus came to correct the mistake of separation from
God (which is the original sin-the path of the ego by the way for
those who do not know) and to once and for all time erase the guilt,
shame and fear that accompanied this separation. Once we understand
this message, and embrace it (THE GOOD NEWS, THE TRUTH, WHICH IS, WE
rather we become aware) of the presence of Holy Spirit, just like
Jesus did during baptism (and Jesus is our example and we have his mind).
The Holy Spirit then helps,what i like to call, our unbelief and make
us understand that even though we are still in this world, we are
fully God by extension through Jesus, the anointed (who is the 2nd
person of the Godhead), but not of it (our ego system which is the
person of this world that each of us created, individually,
collectively and by projection to help us get back to God). Remember,
the ego system has nothing to do with original sin. It is a system
that was created by man as a result of the separation. Its rules were
created by man and interpreted by man – that is why we have problems
defining right and wrong because we repeatedly use the rules of the
ego system as a basis for spiritual debate. They never tally and all
we continue to do is fight over “the law and the letter”.
For those who cease to operate under the influences of this ego system
(like Enock and especially our example Jesus, and many others who were
not even christians) they just walk right out of this world and into
eternity. Anyone of us can do the same….when we continuously
remember to forgive ourselves of guilt, fear and shame brought about
by believing this illusion and just “BEING” available for the Holy
Spirit to do his work…A lot of times we stumble over the work of the
Holy Spirit because we try to explain it using the rules of the ego
system which he doesn’t live by and is oblivious to. He only speaks of
the Father, and thats why when we pray, we do not pray for parking
spots and money and a marriage partner etc…..these are called
psychic prayers and are influenced by the ego system…We have
been instructed, that on that day, you will be told what to say as you
yield to the system of the Spirit, which is to unify all Gods creation.
God has no ego, needing nothing, complete in himself, and we really
need nothing either. However, we continue to struggle in this physical
world because of unbelief….this, by the way does not make the
enlightened one a sinner, a backslider, a heathen, a pharisee or
whatever other names the ego system has projected on itself. The
sooner you recognize that you are operating under the ego system, you
must immediately quieten your mind and say Holy Spirit help me now,
and by habit (actually revelation) we will all be unified….Also, the
fullness of time is in the here and now, not is some future utopic
idea of heaven. Heaven is here and now, knowing no time or distance…..
Then and only then will this passage make sense:
“Yes,” the master of the house replied. “You do work in my fields, and
do all the other things that you said. But this man wants only to
serve me, not himself. He waits patiently until I tell him what I want
him to do.His faithfulness has never failed him. He now has his reward
— his freedom. And I will place him as overseer, and you will be his
servants. Because of his faithful service to me — though he was once
a lowly slave he is truly the greater.”
There is a lot where this is coming from but we have to share it as it
is given….


  1. You misspelt ‘SCRAP’… and yes I surely hope we can scrap Xianty! … And all other myths and superstitions.

  2. I would hardly consider that “transcending Christianity” – everything that you are describing has existed within the Christian faith since the first century, and is still present in many Christians circles today. Most of it is a fusion of Christianity and Hinduism, and was advocated by 19th century theosophy and rosicrucianism.

  3. Nice, but wouldn’t it be a greater “sin” to be divine and have forgotten, been fooled, believed an illusion and now not know it? Was Jesus an example? Yes, an example of suffering for the sake of the Father’s glory and purposes.


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