Home Discussion Forum can we train ourselves to see auras?

can we train ourselves to see auras?

I saw this one website which defined methods of training yourself to use peripheral vision to do so, but I think that’s a hoax. Is there a procedure one can do to see auras?


  1. Hoax. If it was possible then a lot of people would know about it and be able to do it. I don’t know anyone who has seen a aura before and neither have I.

  2. yes, i know people who can see auras…i “sense” auras for anger, danger, etc…..search the term “corlean photography” and go from there….i had my picture taken to see my aura….it’s a special camera….good luck!

  3. I can do what you describe, and have been able to for 26 years. i also have a male friend who is even more sensitive to it than I. i might say it has limited usefulness, but it’s not a hoax.


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