Can we think so deep that our consciousness can't comprehend what we think?





sometimes i feel like my mind can’t comprehend what it knows into words. I have such complex ideas that my mind isnt able to fathom it. dos anyone know an explaination for this
i dunno ducky, it sure feels like its my consciousness that doesn’t know. i dont know its very annoying though whatever way it is


  1. Anjanaa, what our asker refers to IS very scientifically and theoretically possible.
    Cognitive activity is not just linguistic. It’s social, emotional, physical. And, it’s all interconnected. We don’t always think in words. This is basic psychology, actually.
    Look at children. The way language develops in a child. Children learning language can initially comprehend much more than they can produce in words. If we could only verbalize what we had formed in our brains as language? That would be like saying children who can’t talk, do not think. Cognitive precursors of language are necessary for language production. Therefore, receptivity and undertanding is not synonymous with language production.
    Look at dreams, as another example. I’ve been studying them as a PhD student for 5 years and I can tell you that one simple visual image contains a weath of ideas, all not from words. In dreams, we *think* visually. Words come afterwards in translation.
    One last example: look at the case of expressive aphasia. When Broca’s area is damaged in the brain, people can’t speak fluently, though their comprehension remains intact.
    It’s cool when you have this huge, complicated, complex thought though, but can’t express all of it. It’s like your memories and ideas won’t wait for the language. Or, adding language to the mix causes some of it to get lost. My humble advice? Try and write as much of what you can decipher in point form. Add to it as you continue thinking. Then, put it all together. Helps sort it all out, so you can at least fathom some of it :-).
    PS, Anomoly: It’s the other way around. Studies show that we CAN perceive things without being conscious of it. At least, our brains can…and, this isn’t really related to what I’ve described above.

  2. I think that our consciousness can comprehend more than our mind. There are so many things that our consciousness picks up that our minds bypass.

  3. No, theoretically and scientifically its absurd to say this. Thinking itself is a process of our consciousness only. You cant think or deep think (what do you mean by this?) without your consciousness and anything to say, that both are different is simply absurd, scientifically!

  4. I think I know what you mean. I get to that point when I think about my existence. But that’s probably pretty normal. I don’t have an explanation for it other than there are things greater than us human beings.

  5. Giving voice to perception of complex ideas is difficult, but perceptions of your higher mind oft times has nothing to do with your conscious mind. You need to instruct your Supra Consciousness to dumb down; so it can be comprehended.

  6. Other than a lack of vocabulary? JUST KIDDING…..our minds work at various different levels. There is a way to express some of these thoughts that you personally have not discovered yet. It will come in time. Just like a subconscious thought is one you are not even aware of, there are other thougths that linger in the back of your head, waiting to be realized.
    Pay attention to your dreams, and keep a journal of them. That, more than anything, will help you step into your mind and better understand things……………………….

  7. When you reach that level, there’s always a deeper level of consciousness to be grasped. It may not be on the same level that you’re thinking at but that “deeper” plane of thought does have a plane, and yes that plane can be grasped but only through the terms of the new plane and not the principles of the old one that you’re tried before to think about it on. Steven Covey calls this a “Paradigm Shift” in his book 7 habits of highly effective people, and he explains it in a very comprehensible way.

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