Home Discussion Forum Can we take a break? Tea anyone?

Can we take a break? Tea anyone?

As the tea is poured I see smiles from bright faces, everything is forgotten except what is at hand. Profound it is, this sipping of tea. How could the Zen masters know something we don’t. It is everywhere, all at once. *sip* ~ : )


  1. I look into my glass… Is it Full? Is it Empty?… I sip anyways!
    As I sip, I ask, “Aren’t we always in a break?”
    Literally as I saw this question, I was taking a sip of Arizona Diet White Cranberry-Apple Green Tea (w/ Natural Flavors)… Gotta love the Synchronicity.

  2. As a deep lover of tea, even if not Zen Buddhist, I do see something deeply profound to sipping tea. It is, truly, my favorite drink. Me thinks I should go fix some up in just a second. A break would indeed be in order.
    I must only decide which tea of mine to get. Choices…

  3. I find vodka and coke works better for me . Don’t suppose you could russle one of those up for me . Thanks xx

  4. Russian Earl Grey, please and thanks (it has pieces of dried orange rind, lemongrass and blue cornflower). Very aromatic and refreshing.

  5. We have our afternoon cofee at 3pm – Bob had just asked if I’d be around for some about twenty seconds before I pulled up this question. Great idea!

  6. How beautiful this is…thank you! Hmmmmm. Sigh.
    Sunshower this afternoon? Hear the rain on the leaves? Sparkling dancing drops splash into my cup as I stand in the doorway. I return to sit woundering where those rain drops ran off to in my tea?! Giggles softly. Such a time is this.
    The circle is one. I am tempted by attachment…sigh. Don’t let it end too soon…peace. :*)

  7. “Painted rice cakes will not satisfy hunger”.
    “There is no difference between paintings, rice cakes, or any thing at all”
    “In ceremony there are forms and there are sounds, there is understanding and there is believing. In liturgy there is only intimacy.”

  8. There are varied levels and depths of comprehension and expression of ” knowledge “. Who’s to say that a person who is not a ” certified ” Zen master not also know what the Zen masters do ? . . . She smiles softly as she takes another sip of her tea as she does so enjoy stimulating conversation and polite banter while sharing a bit of tea…enjoying the moment of Now. Can’t stay long though, off to get my nails done…The tea is appreciated..

  9. Tea, like the nonsense we must babble, is poured into small eloquent cups and consumed joyfully. What virtuosity!


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