Home Discussion Forum can we really know our subconscious mind?

can we really know our subconscious mind?

90% of our mind is locked away, with us having only 10% to work with. It’s really amazing though. The subconscious mind is the deepest, most mysterious thing I have ever seen. It can show us the most amazing art pieces. ideas. dreams too. every dream we have tells us something about ourselves or something else. the subconscious mind can know the personality of everyone we meet, and what they will do next.
not so much a question I know. Is it difficult to uncover your true self in the subconscious mind?


  1. Several ways we can. We can write down what our dreams were, we can look at objects and see what thoughts they bring out.

  2. I think with each new analysis of the way we act, and the ways other do, we unlock learning experiences from the information contained there in the subconscious.
    I doubt any one can themselves know 100% of it. I would say I know about 1/10th of it.

  3. I think you can know your subconscious mind. You are going to have regular patterns and responses in certain situations which you could use to map out what you are going to do the next time it happens.

  4. dont know if it is your subconscious mind, but I found out its all about repeating things, we do with out thinking ,often wrongly (I cant)
    ,try I can do,no problems, it easy.etc.your mind will believe it,it become real….
    have proven it many times…..

  5. You can’t ever totally understand yourself.
    Information theory will tell you that to understand
    your mind, …. you’d need a larger mind.
    (“Can the hand grasp itself?” – Old ‘Zen’ Question)
    There are techniques that can help you try though.
    The simplest is to just ask yourself, ‘Why do I feel that?”
    You will eventually work out some answers.
    Some will be helpful.


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