Can we perceive a higher consciousness other than at our own level?

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Not speaking religiously. Millions of cells form a human being, but each cell would not know that the human is conscious or be away of human consciousness. Each cell only knows its role.

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You can imagine and try to feel it.


By waking up the cells that are stored and not used.

Dr pushpinder k

I believe, a human being can perceive or achieve any level of existential consciousness
through perfection and purification of it’s ordinary consciousness.


The complexity and speed of what happens inside each cell, and the multiple levels of communication with other cells of the 3 trillion human cells that each one of us carries around, plus about 7 trillion riders, some of which are integral to our digestion and immune responses, defies the imagination. No, it exceeds the imagination of any of us.
Each one is part of our consciousness.
The input to the brain is about 400,000,000,000 bits per second.
Our conscious capacity is about 20,000,000 bits per second. That is minuscule. So, the vaunted human consciousness is a faint flicker compared to what is actually going on.
Combine that with the proven reality that we are inseparable from the environment and its vast array of influences, and you clearly have an unlimited field of potential with tiny motes of arrogance floating around in it.
Tiantai devised the term ninth level of consciousness based on the combination of the sutras from Shakyamuni and work by Nagarjuna and Vasubandhu. Karma was always thought to be the eighth of the eight levels of consciousness until Vasubandhu recognized that karma is an effect. Therefore, there had to be something to be affected by action to produce karma. He called it the ninth level of consciousness. It is beyond description because description come from the brain and are an effect an are limited.
If you wish to pursue it further, you can google Tiantai and “ichinen sanzen”.

John S

Yes, we can, but not in human form. We must first exit the body – hopefully temporarily – and then perceive other things in our pure form.

finn mchuil

I believe you have just described the curse of the human condition. A rock for example is not aware of its self and what it is. It doesn’t`t say ” I am a rock and on the inside I have all the feelings and desires I need to be a good rock” . It is simply a rock, some may argue, and I understand and accept that a rock may contain some essence or other of its creator, yet none the less it is but a rock and needs the action and energy of something else if it is to change in any way. In the same way I believe a dog wouldn’t`t know its self to be a dog (I may be corrected here). It Simply does what it does. Mankind though has the ability of self determination through awareness of the self and has the ability to think independently of what they do. We have the power to change our learned behaviour and we can influence actively the world in with we engage, should we so wish. The idea of becoming just what we are would, in my opinion, be hindered by our knowledge of what and who we are and what and who we are able to become. This, also in my opinion, is the seat of all “Original sin”, the knowledge that we weren’t`t supposed to have. Which I believe is a different debate all on its own. So for us to exist at a higher level we may have to loose our own self awareness and dumb down so to speak.


The monkey cannot conceive what is beyond its capacity. We can conceive of something unknown, yet few choose to open to ignorance. It is frightening. People choose to put a patchwork of guesses on any opening in understanding that events reveal.

Yorkshire Lass

There is something in the human brain ( or somewhere in the human body) that is not composed of physical cells -it is of a spiritual substance. If this, our spiritual nature has been made alive to the spiritual realm we can tune in to a higher level of reality which is the realm of spirit. Religion often, is not the same thing, about which you may have an instinct.
Those who are able to meditate or, in a deeper way contemplate, this higher level, will experience this superior and more REAL plane of life.
Atheists have not yet experienced this higher sphere. A searching heart/mind especially in one who has found a shallowness in material things, and one who is open to new things, are ones who have the necessary attitudes to enable them to ‘open out’ to this ‘upper’ realm.
Mankind has developed various ways or techniques of meditation, even physical denial like prolonged fasting, to reach this plane.
In my experience and in the experience of many, the quickest and most effective way is to ask Jesus Christ into one’s heart and life and then develop the start of a new awareness of Godly Spirit, by prayer and prayerful praise and worship.
If prayer includes the spirit of repentance followed by the acceptance of God’s merciful Love and forgiveness, a joyful sense of new Life in God is given, or develops, with great Peace. This ‘other-world’ Peace is what the human soul, often unknowingly, craves. Jesus Christ brings it to those who completely turn to him. It is a rich treasure to the soul – and grows in awe and wonder. Like finding the elusive ‘pot of gold’ at the end of a rainbow!
Those who live for this higher realm find their need for, and reliance on, material things, grows less and less.
A life that is too busy, even in doing good things, may miss a REAL experience of God. A restful quiet mind is the usual requirement. However, God may touch or invade more powerfully, the consciousness whist active in mundane repetitive activity, especially if one has already found access to him by more conventional means (prayer)


i believe that you are able to imagine higher than ur own lv but u cant receive it nor can u comprehend it


Between a cell and a human there are a lot more than one level involved. I do not doubt that we may be restricted in our perceptions beyond a certain amount of levels but let`s not take things to extremes here.
It is also said that any idea taken to extremes eventually becomes its opposite. Common sense tells me that yes we can and do perceive higher consciousnesses because I also believe that we perceive the tree according to its fruits. Higher consciousness is not a matter of talk but a matter of action, how this consciousness is applied to life. Cheers !


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