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Can we look at the aura of a human being with naked eye? Are you aware of any body doing that?

I have read that there is ‘aura’ around every human being and discernable by a few? Do we need ‘extra sensory perception’ to view the ‘aura’ of others? Have you come across any body who can view the ‘aura’ with their naked eye?


  1. Those who purport to “view your aura with the naked eye” come in one of two types:
    1) mentally or physically ill
    2) entrepreneurs

  2. Hi there. You could try this, it may or may not work for you. It did for me. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and concentrate on seeing your body in your minds eye. You should be able to eventually see if any colours are surrounding your body. If so write them down. Do the same thing again the next day or if you are upset and see what colours you see then. The more you practice the quicker it will come to you. Like everything. Hope this helps. Blessed be.

  3. The aura is like the energy field of the body. We have intuition that senses when things are right or wrong which is simply feeling the energy. Now if we can sense it or feel, it must be there, but just like ultra violet rays we use it but can’t see it with out a prism. To see the aura one needs a ‘prism’ of a kind.
    So yes there are people that can, apparently we all should be able to, it just takes belief, knowledge and practice.

  4. “aura” is energy and every human being has energy or an “aura” around them. Its like heat, you can feel it but you can’t see it. I am a happy person and I have noticed when I am around unhappy people I sort of feel repelled by them because I am happy and they are not but I don’t think this is an extra sensory perception. I think you would probably sense that too if you were an unhappy person and a happy person came into the room. I have met people who can tell me how I feel and I don’t even know them and they called themselves psychics but it does sound similar to what you’re describing.

  5. Hmmm, well many years ago I was waiting at a train station and was just daydreaming and looking around at people walking by. After a few minutes something caught my eye, it looked like a bright blue shape, so I looked in that direction and saw two guys walking to a train & they had like a bright blue/green glow around them. And no, I definately do not take drugs and wasn’t ‘mentally ill’ or have bad eyesight or whatever disbelievers may think.
    I haven’t seen anything like that since, but if it did happen, it wouldn’t phase me.

  6. yes u can see the aura of people. there hav been a lot of people doing it especially in india.
    Try finding societies linked to “Pranic Healing”. these guys do everything related to yin and yangs if you know wht i mean. from actual energy healing to giving peace. they have solutions to almost every spiritual query.


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