Home Discussion Forum Can we fly using our psychic powers?

Can we fly using our psychic powers?

Since some people having their mind focused on objects and using their psychic powers bend a fork, they are to overcome a gravitational force even so little. So if those kind of people go for the way they’re leading, and be highly capable of controlling their minds, they would use their body with their minds and fly by overcoming the gravitational force.. It seems so extraordinary but is it possible?


  1. Go up on your rooftop and try it and you will fall down and cain’t get up.
    I hope you take this as it is intended and NOT try it.

  2. Were it possible I’m sure we’d have seen all sorts of people flying around by now of their own volition, don’t ya think?

  3. The Mind is a powerful thing, You probably could fly by using psychic powers, but I have heard of out of body experiences, that is where you are in such a relaxed state you can actually leave your body & go anywhere you wish. It takes many years to be able to do this.

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