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Can we ever have any control over our emotions ?

Emotions like depression,worry,anxious and so on do we choose to experience these emotions or are they chosen for us to experience somewhere very deep in your subconscious mind ?


  1. Emotions originate from thoughts. If you have control over your thoughts, you have control over your emotions. No I do not believe the emotions you experience are chosen for you “deep in your subconscious mind”. Your thoughts are the only contributors.
    a/n If you want to be happier, think positive!

  2. The thing is that there’s a difference between emotions like depression or hysteria and ones like worry or anger. Depression and so forth are medical conditions, there is something psychologically wrong and it can only be sorted by therapy and medication. Other emotions like anger and so forth are controllable. We don’t choose to experience, nor are they chosen for us by some external or internal power, they just happen according to our environment. But through therapy, or simply calming down, all emotions can be controlled.

  3. Why would you want to control your emotions?
    Let’s say for example you are incapable of feeling worry and fear. Do you think that would be a blessing? You might take stupid chances in life because you have no worry about the outcome or fear in the undertaking. Worry and fear exist for good reason.
    We don’t get to choose our feelings. But we do get to choose our actions. You can experience any emotion and choose to not let it overcome you.

  4. yes i think so to a certain extent. i also think that if you control your emotion eg choosing the best emotion for the job you will be most effective
    and example would be a boxer. mike tyson would prepare for some fight by thinking angry thoughts to create the aggression so he could dominate his opponent.
    also footballers at half time, they get motivated by the coach, the first half they may not have felt up to it, and played badly. then their inspired and play better.
    its the things you say to your self to sike your self up or out of something.
    obviously you cant control spontaneous emotion but you can control your thoughts which can help you gain composure

  5. It is more simple than this and only more complicate because you need to change your mindset about it.
    First: Emotions and thoughts should be seen as ‘tools’ that give us the possibility to experience ourselves and to have an exchange within this world. To work in an efficient way with our tools, of course we must be able to ‘control’ them, but not in the sense to control our tools that they are not going wild and work by themselves. We must be the ‘master’ and that means we must be aware of them.
    Second: Emotions and thoughts are important tools, not just as a mean to be used by your personality in the first place to give you satisfaction by confirming your established self image, but also and more essential for your *self knowledge*. To clean and clear up your unconscious background.
    Third: How can this be done and how does emotions and thoughts serve in this growing process?
    Thoughts and emotions are reactions. Our system is reacting to influences, this happens as part of our survival and defense system still based on the primitive system of animals and beginning of humankind. The tendency is to establish a condition that serves the development and to protect it. It doesn’t really matter if the development went into the right direction or meanwhile has gotten wrong or stuck in a not favorable condition. That is what has happened now with humanity, being stuck in a reality image that keeps people in a straitjacket of concepts and belief systems. That gives a certain frame and security and even though the result is a lot of suffering, who doesn’t question this condition will need to continue with it. But who has doubts and starts to have questions, will find ways to go beyond ones limitations. An effective way is to be aware of ones thoughts and emotions and knowing that these are reactions, so one will be able to observe, what is causing these reactions. Usually people give the fault for their reactions to the outside, to conditions and people. But knowing that the reason in the first place is coming from ones own conditioning, one will be able to observe oneself and then discover ones unconscious programs, also realizing what has caused these. Then one will be able to drop these as worn out and not adequate for oneself. There is no need to have ‘control’ over unwanted emotions and thoughts, when one recognizes that these are not part of ones property one needs to defend. In this way one is cleaning and clearing ones unconscious background and one will be able to use ones tools in a more direct and effective way, not depending on others and certain conditions and circumstances.
    That will cause tremendous changes in ones life. One will not feel as a victim anymore and one will be able to create favorable conditions in ones life, enjoying oneself, ones surrounding and others!
    PS: I need to mention that all this needs your engagement, things and happenings will not be served in an easy to use packet, you will have to work! But you can be sure that the strength and abilities are given to you and if you can see any kind of happenings and encounter that show up in your daily life as the best that can happen to you, to be able to learn, grow and heal, – then you have all what you need and you have created the best conditions by establishing the right attitude and behavior. Go for it!!!


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