• I think that Aliens are allergic to crops as they keep landing in farmers fields then buggering off quickly.

    I think they should really do something about their allergies.

  • step 1 is to try to meditate , to give it a chance to show you. During the process something may happen to you by divine. The master don’t use verbal communication as much as normal people do . They know words form sentence,senten form image,and image form communication. So master directly using image. Dream is one of them.

    Alien do exsit in between us.

    Number one message for people who cares about living beings
    Would alsolike to advancing themself greatly as whole.

    BE VEGAN until then you will have trouble to see the bigger picture. To understand the IMAGE.

  • I have been in contact with aliens for overfive years. My mind used to be a place for personal thought and now my every thought is used as communicationn. The switch between the two was difficult. However i am positive that aliens exist and have been watching humans for thousands of years. there is more than enough information left by their connection. from piramids to cave painting. no one can deny that the chariots of the sky where in fact alien craft. A few years ago i would laugh at what was being said above. but sinse i was contacted everything has changed. Life would change fast if are minds became a place for conversation instead of personal judgmet. and it is happening just as it has been for thousands of years. The fun part is that usually people dont beleive things unless they experience them. so its still a question of if it will happen for most and for the few its that its still happening. now the big question is what next. The perpose of the connection and what is meant by it. I feel it has been an experiment to see if humans are ready to communicate with their minds, instead of what will or is being said within the connection.

  • Excellent question. Maybe I do not have the power to reach the mind of an alien. But as described in a “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode maybe it is possible for an alien to reach my mind.

  • It’s called trippin out where I come from. Try some mushrooms and you’ll be amazed at what your imagination is capable of.

  • Absolutely… just the same way you can contact porn stars while masturbating……….

    hang in there timmy…..you’re special!

  • Sure. Do you want to contact legal aliens, or illegal aliens?

    2) I read and was told that during Zen or other meditation you reach different universal dimensions that human are not even aware of.

    Well, if humans are not aware of them, then you’ll never know if you reach them, will you?

    3) Can we assume that we could contact mentally while meditating aliens from other dimensions of the Universe?

    Assuming that beings live in this other universe, and assuming that they are intelligent beings, and assuming that they are capable of mental contact with humans, and assuming that you are capable of mentally or astrally projecting your mentality to such an other dimension, and assuming that your projected mentality was capable of locating an alien intelligence in the vastness of a foreign universe – then, yes.

    Jim, http://www.BibleSelector.com

  • if by aliens you mean God in heaven and by meditating you mean prayer. prayer isn’t a request, it isn’t a coversation. prayer is being aware of God’s presence.

  • I suppose we could, but the idea of meditating for me is to not be in contact with anything or anyone but my inner voice.

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