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Can we connect to and possibly use the energy of the universe in our lives possibly via meditation?

OK, firstly, I ask any sceptics, or anyone who wants to point me to Jesus Christ, to vamoose. I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt and it’s not for me.
Secondly, if you have any idea what I’m on about, please feel free to read on. But if you think I may be incorrect in my interpretation, please feel free to correct me.
Ok, I believe that this universe is connected and that we, as human beings should be able to connect to the energies around us, possibly through meditation or maybe through some other means. (I have been trying to read up on this but haven’t found very much so I’m hoping that someone out there will be able to either help me, correct me, or point me in the right direction.) I think this might have something to do with paganism, but I could be wrong.
Does anyone out there have some idea of what I’m talking about? I do believe in auras and the healing powers of crystals if that helps people understand where I’m coming from, and point me in the right direction.


  1. Meditating is sitting quietly in a corner and thinking how wonderful you are.
    It that is what you want to do, go for it.

  2. We’re so connected to the universe that we don’t even notice it, as for pulling energy from the universe well that’s a very naive request. What type of energy do you mean? Chemical processes within the body? Heat? Light?
    Your question isn’t really a valid one in reality.

  3. Stop watching Star Wars since you can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality….and the answer is NO to all questions above

  4. your thoughts are all complete fantasy and none of it will ever work, its all in your mind..the best thing to do is just be honest with yourself…

  5. Well I would beg you to reconsider Jesus. But it’s up to you.
    I know I am definitely a different person than I was because of Him,

  6. ”if that helps people understand where I’m coming from, and point me in the right direction.”
    Which does not include a trip to the department of nonsensical thinking, if that’s where you’re finding yourself right now.

  7. I sort of see where you’re coming from. It’s like I’m standing in the river, and you’re standing on the bank. I’ve always been standing in the river, I’ve never known anything else, and you’re standing on the bank, asking how to get in. How do I tell you to do something when all I know is that it is, it has always been like that, that there’s no start or end, it just is? It’s kind of difficult to find the words to describe something that is so ingrained as to be second nature to me.
    You’re looking for a connection to something that I take for granted as always having been there.
    I’ll recommend meditation because it’s a great relaxation tool, and a good way to clear your mind, but I have to be honest, I have no idea if it will help you find the connection you seek.
    I’m probably not being very helpful, but I will wish you the best in your journey.

  8. check out the zen master osho on the web
    he spoke on every thing that is of value concerning meditation
    and you are on the right track we are one and we are missing the oneness that is why there is so much conflict in the world as human being we have yet to evolve beyond the animal
    much more is possible but we need to grow up instead of as it has been grow old

  9. Every living object emits some kind of bio electromagnetic field, people can even see it through using kirlian photography cameras. Even though it’s not something that everyone can see with the human eye, it still exists.
    So I guess its not too crazy to say that there could be some kind of larger electromagnetic field that exists throughout the universe as a whole, which then would connect everything in existence.

  10. The connection you are talking about is possible. This is the definition of the word ‘Yoga’ . When the microcosm of human consciousness becomes connected to the all pervading consciousness of the universe.
    It is possible to experience it. It’s not just a theory.

  11. In order to have a connected universe, one would have to state what you believe it is connected to. Otherwise your statement is incoherent nonsense.
    There is no energy for you to connect to, the universe having a net zero energy content.
    Spirituality is for those that want to appear intelligent, but lack the wherewithal to understand their environment. You would be better advised to turn your thoughts to improving your education.


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