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Can we change the negative in our world today, by positive acts of kindness?

Honestly consider the effect of a smile, or a simple thank you can make. For example think of all the negative energy used in road rage. It does not stop there it can linger with many-what if instead of blowing up with negative we treat everyone as we wish to be treated? You can argue a point with our degrading or bullying-But lets go one step higher-Can we by making an effort daily to make one positive change- a simple hi to someone you ignore, or donating to the homeless your pocket change-Do you believe this can change our world?


  1. …..YES. This is how an individual goes about it. First focus on yourself, being a better person. Then focus on making positive contributions in your family, friends and community. You can’t by yourself change the whole world. But if everyone would do what you describe, it would make a huge difference. Huge.

  2. Yes i believe that can change our world. The world can be more enjoyable and peaceful if we do to others what we will wish to be done to us.The problem is that the rich is geting richer at the detriment of the poor, the strong getting stronger while the weak gets weaker. If I can give to the needy, you give and the rich gives, if we can show a little compassion to the oppressed even if is cheering up, smiling to, praying for, encouraging them, I think this can go a long way to change the world.

  3. yes of course we can change it.positive thinking is the best thinking.if we change our mind that means we have changed our world.if we are good we ‘ll feel all are good ,if we are bad then we ‘ll feel all are bad.


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