Can we, as a race, through collective consciousness, bring about major changes in the world's behavior?

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Peace and Love

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Gorgeoustx Please send rain!

Wouldn’t that be nice.
We would have to eradicate the Abrahamic religions first.


Derren Brown says that we can win the lottery by doing so. I don’t think we have bonded enough as a race to be able to share a collective consciousness, there are too many separations i.e. politics, religion etc.


The would require the total participation of over 6 billion people. 5 people cannot even work together peacefully. I don’t think so.


Have we not done so many times?

daughter of the king

i’m counting on it!


Not thru Hindu & other hippie/’New Age’ eastern mysticism, etc
I’ve seen many music festivals on TV
When it’s rained, the MC says, “all of you just think sunshine!”
Never worked
Recall the heavy rain shown @ Woodstock anniversary recently?
See also:-


There’s no such thing as collective consciousness. We can choose to subject our conscious will to the desires of a group and we can choose to work together by thinking individually and sharing our thoughts, but at the end of the day, that’s still individuals using their own, individual, private brains. We can’t think as a group any more than we can breathe through collective lungs.


well yeah sort of, we achieve a consensus on what is and is not socially acceptable, thats how we abolished slavery in the developed world

Fire Storm

Be the change you want to see in the world.

I wish you love

yes, I live in a conservative area but 40 minutes away there is a liberal area & it is like 2 different worlds…you can see what highly conscious people are getting in results. So while they might be meditating for world peace & we don’t see it waking up the people in my area that much. We do see the happy faces, the abundant prosperity, the great relationships & career fulfillment & great circulation in the liberal area where people are more likely to be focused on goodness & we see it is working for them, it is inspirational to those that aren’t there yet & those who are not sure it works. You can see it is working.

General D. Ypsilanti

I was Reading a book this morning that indicated we need to
have 51 % of the population to be at least 51% dedicated to
peace for a big change to come about. That doesn’t seem like a big commitment for a person to make – just slightly over half.
But it means not gossiping and judging people nor feeling
that our country is superior to others. I am not sure what that
means about competitive games, sports and businesses.
Can you see any way for competition to be peaceful?


I don’t really think the world gets any better.
Some people say that because we don’t have Roman soldiers or Attila the Hun’s armies tromping through the world doing terrible things, we have evolved, but no, we so very recently had Hitler doing the same thing.
You could say we don’t have the Inquisition or the Witchcraft Trials anymore, but we have Abu Graib and Guantanamo and Extraordinary Rendition flights.
It’s like a game of Whack-a-Mole, where you smack down evil in one place and up it pops in another.
That said, I do believe that highly spiritual beings can send out thoughts of peace that are felt by those who are on the same level of consciousness. I don’t know if that will change the world.

Just Be

Wow, I am really impressed with Sara’s answer!
She is correct.
We change our minds & the world we perceive changes, & while this will have effects on the All of Us, only to the degree each allows.
This is a place of learning what is within thru what is projected outwardly so that we can better perceive it.
Major world changes can only begin with me.
Many Blessings!


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