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Can we all just sit down and think about this scenario for a second?

Lets say there will be a battle of the Gods (Atheists, just try to imagine it), and you see every god of ever religion ever known to man, including but not limited to Aztec, Mayan, Greek, Norse, Christian, Pastafarianism, Bhuddism, Islam (all forms), Hindu, American Indian, Voodoo, and even Shamanism and Witchcraft/Wiccan.
Now, if we consider each God equal in power, minus immortality/reincarnation, who would be the end Winner?
Whoever can give a very classic and detailed scenario gets 10 points.
Oh, and Jesus is riding a T-rex, just to give him a fair advantage.


  1. if jesus had learnt how do a helicopter-fly-tail with that t-rex… maybe jesus….
    otherwise the purple panda on acid will win everytime

  2. It was demonstrated by various thinkers — and is standard since the late 13th century — that reason shows that the very existence of God as demonstrated by reason shows there can be only one.

  3. I was already sitting down.
    the FSM of course. It is impossible for the FSM to be killed. And since I am unable to imagine hypothetical situations because of my extreme faith, I have no choice but to answer this way. And so I will just end this with scripture for no good reason.
    Marinara 3:41, And the sauce that was thick in the winter was brought forth to be flowing as if the summer. It was truly miraculous.

  4. FSM would tempt them all with his meat balls and when they were close enough he would spray pasta sauce in their eyes blinding them all like mase, and he would then use his noodly appendages to tear them apart and be declared winner!

  5. As a Deist/Pantheist, my God is the laws of physic, Chemistry, Evolution etc and the consciousness of the universe. He/She/it will make everyone of them obey the laws of the universe! best I could do.
    *personal note* I don’t claim I have any proof of my God I’m just trying for 10 points.

  6. well for starters where is GOD because he would kick some ass especially if he was like the god from guitar hero 3 cuz he is the buffest kid on the block, yeh he would win.

  7. That fairy tail is never going to happen. There is only 1 God. And He can destroy with a word, just as He created with a word. False gods are a figment of the imagination of wicked men. There would be no one for God to battle it out with.

  8. The T-rex, he would eat the FSM with a salad on the side, then he would convince the others to smoke the peace pipe the American Indians brought along.

  9. Well, Buddhism loses right away, since they refuse to fight and don’t have a God to start with. The Wiccan gods are kind of tame, so I don’t see them winning. Otherwise, I can see a “miracle round” where each one tries to prove that he’s best by showing what kind of weirdness he can create. They get people to vote either by text message or on line for the Greatest Universal God. At the end, after announcing the winner, the real God comes out and tells them all to go home.

  10. They would first tear apart the Flying Spaghetti Monster and eat him. His dying words would be: “This is my body which is broken for you, eat this in remembrance of me. After they ate his flesh, they would all be pacified, as one can not partake of his noodliness and not be satisfied. Then his holiness would be reborn in each of their hearts. So in the end the FSM would win.


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