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Can we All improve the human consciousness by thinking of Peace and Love today?

Peace and Love


  1. YES . We can improve.
    At the end of this discussion,if we get over the superficial differences between our faiths and find out the real essence of each religion.
    for more information see the website

  2. Good question. We can think of it but we also have to do and say loving and peaceful things. Harder than it sounds. When I look at or listen to someone I try and see them as a child of God. I might not agree with what they are saying or doing but I see that they are being who they are. Live and let live. It is what I want in my life so I try and give it to others. I am not perfect though so I do the best I can on any given day. Thank you for a thought provoking question. peace

  3. Thinking of peace and love will only affect your own consciousness. Actually, I would prefer you to keep your eyes on traffic and think about the other cars around you when driving.

  4. If it is only in the mind you cannot. Peace start with having peace with God, without which, peace is just a piece of word and love can not be manifested in the right direction.


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