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Can we agree that if you believe nonsense about Satan or Buddha, you don’t get to call yourself an atheist?

There are people here who call themselves atheists but they also believe some nonsense about Satan or they believe the bizarre dogma of Buddhism involving reincarnation and “spiritual energy.” If you believe nonsense like this, you don’t get to call yourself an atheist, right? You might think you’re one of us, but you’re not one of us; you’re a passenger on the same slowly sinking ship as religious crazies, right?


  1. atheism is the lack of belief in a higher power
    so an atheist could believe in reincarnation and spiritual energy

  2. Atheism: Lack of belief in god.
    The end. Please don’t become like Christians and use No True Scotsman Fallacies to describe what you think a atheist is.

  3. No.
    Atheism is the lack of belief in deities. You can technically still be atheist and believe in other sorts of spiritual mumbo jumbo like reincarnation, etc.
    Perhaps we need a new term for atheists that don’t’ follow any spiritual dogma, such as “Dawkinite” or something like that.

  4. >>If you believe nonsense like this, you don’t get to call yourself an atheist, right?<< Wrong. For the same reasons as when you asked yesterday.

  5. I thumbed up a few people that agree with you, but I already know who this is about, and I’m not going to speak against Geezah simply because I don’t 100% with his beliefs, it simply isn’t right.
    Now, if you believe in that Satan himself is a God, or that you acknowledge his existence as the being explained in the Bible and/or acknowledge Yahweh, then you are by definition not an atheist. But who cares?
    If he doesn’t believe in a God, then any other belief he has is irrelevant in determining whether he/she is an Atheist or not. To quality, he/she would just not believe in any Gods. It’s that simple.

  6. No dear. Those people call themselves Satanists (who are btw a lovely bunch who have never ever tried to sacrifice a virgin), Or they call themselves Buddhists (ditto on the sacrificial thingy); Pagans (again…no large scale seeking of hymens to violate) They may refer to themselves as Wiccans or Pantheists, Possibly even Deists. Theists etc.
    Very few of whom I promise you engage in dark rituals of bloodletting and the destruction of Innocents.
    Atheists call themselves atheists.This is largely because they don’t believe in ANY gods. orgoddesses, Or for that matter, elves, goblins, hobbits or fairies.They Do have bbq’s…but most of them do not eat babbies at these events.
    It’s the Fundie Christian/Muslim lot on Yahoo lot who don’t seem able to tell the difference between the camps..And who seem to assume that anyone not in their congregation on the Sabbath is the spawn of the devil.
    They need to get over it.It’s making them look more than a little silly.

  7. I’m a Buddhist and like the Buddha I cannot answer one way or the other if there is a God. So like Buddha, I simply put the question to one side and get on with training my mind through meditation. According to the correct definition, I’m an atheist. But so what? Does that make me any lesser than other people? I think not and as a matter of fact, it’s not something I even think or worry about.


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