Can u gain the ability of astral projection or you have to be born with the ability of astral projection?

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Hi I would like to kno becuz I heard that astral projection u can travel through a spiritual world that is filled wit angels and demons and spirits . And also I would like to learn if it’s possible to gain the ability.

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Astral projection is fake.


The problem is no matter how much you try and be different, unique and an individual – you will always belong to a relatively large group of people who think, feels and acts exactly the same way. You are still a sheep. You just follow a different sheep herder.

Muhammad Body of dog

Babies astral projecting without car seats would be dangerous.


If you pay me 1 million dollars/euros (you choose), i GUARANTEE you can.

Ashish Kumar

Post this in the pseudoscience corner, if there is one.

Austin Varland

Don’t listen to the first idiot. Astral Projection is real. I’ve done it before. It will take practice for you to finally be able to leave your own body, but it works. It’s real. The first time I ever did it, my eyes (which were closed) were kind of spinning, like they were trying to focus on something. I told my friend how to do it and he told me that he spoke to is grandparents (deceased) and they gave him some advice. It works, you just have to practice.

Secret Secret

Hey mate,
1) Astral Projection is real.
2) You already know how to do it – you do it every night.
3) Yes, you can learn to do it consciously.
4) You don’t want to run into demons on the way.
Here’s how to do it:
1) Lie in bed.
– It’s wise not to cover yourself with thick, heavy sheets. This is because you want to feel free, not imprisoned. Try not to feel warm, but also not cold: just perfect. Don’t wear anything metal, this will redirect energy.
2) Try to loosen up a bit. Stretch your muscles, let go of any facial emotions (looking tired, et cetera).
3) Start breathing slowly. Breath in … breath out.
4) The key it to be half awake – half asleep. You should forget about time and thoughts and completely not focus on ANYTHING, but staying half-like awake. This is the most annoying part.
– You might hear sounds like buzzing or white noise. Don’t be alarmed.
– If you find yourself being unable to move, don’t be alarmed. This is a simple mechanism your body uses, so you won’t be actually running when you dream you are running.
5) When you start feeling vibrations (just like when your foot or your hand is asleep), you are ready to begin the process of separation. You must simply ‘imagine’ yourself lifting up, rolling out, pulling up … whatever, to get out of your body.
6) Don’t go far away from your body the first time. Also, I advice you to avoid having contact with any entities you might run into, until you have learned a little bit more about the Astral plane.
– You cannot die while practicing this art.
– Unless you are in (extreme) fear while astral projecting, nothing harmful can happen to you. The only reason why something could happen to you if you are in fear while Astral projecting, is because you will be ‘vibrating’ on a lower level than the Astral plane. In between the physical plane and the astral plane, there is a plane where lower (evil) entities dwell. Don’t get stuck here.
– The reason why we can’t see the Astral plane (and ghosts, though some of us can) is because it ‘vibrates’ outside our vision range. Everything on the astral plane is within our vibrating-vision range. When you Astral project out of your body, you will ‘vibrate’ your way up there.


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