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Can this actually happen with Tarot Cards ?

My friend had gotten tarot cards and used them to ask a question about her relationship with her boyfriend and how it would last.The last card was supposedly the outcome of their relationship which the card was Death. Later on he broke it off with her and she is wondering if that is the reason for him braking it off, or was that plain coincidence?


  1. Sniff.
    The thing with Tarot Cards is that they use the basic fundementals of life to brainwash people into thinking they work. Life…love…death..Scooby Doo…you know….life cycles that EVERYONE encounters.
    Tarot Cards are bullshit and manmade, just like planes….people can predict of it will crash or not…because it’s manmade and because of gravity.

  2. Is is probably coincidence. Tarot Cards are real! But only if the person reading your future is experienced. And it is linked to witch craft. God speaks through experiences, dreams, ect. The devil prays on those who want to see the future. It’s sinful to seek that information. We aren’t meant to know it for a reason.

  3. ok i’m a tarrot card fanatic.
    and it depends if the card is upright or reverse, but for the most part i’m going to guess upright which usually means the end of one thing, and the beginning of another. like breaking up, the relationship ended and something new will now begin.
    The thing with Tarrot is, is first you need a deep connection with your cards, if you don’t bond with them or have a connection, or find anything interesting with them then reading them is pointless. And also to believe in your cards.
    Also you can’t always take tarrot seriously, becaused the future is always changing. Along with Tarrot predicts stuff, and relationships usually don’t last forever, sometimes they do though too.
    I tarrot a lot, and i’ll ask a question one week and get a result, i’ll wait a month and ask again, and most of the answers will be the same, but yet changed because some new things came up. Sometimes they come in your favor and other times they don’t. I wouldn’t recommend asking relationship questions like that, because when you get a bad result then it disappoints you and etc.
    Another thing is if she told him about the reading. I don’t tell readings like that to anyone, i keep them a secret so only i know, and it don’t interfer with my relationship with anyone.
    Plain coincidence that is a 50/50 shot. because tarrot i have excellent of predicting true stuff with it, but also its a relationship so yeah..it goes hand in hand.
    i hope this all helped out some : )

  4. See – this is what happens when someone who knows NOTHING about Tarot uses it…
    The “Death” card represents CHANGE – and in the case of a relationship, it can mean:
    Moving to another city
    Getting a new job (reason for the move?)
    Having kids (when no kids are planned)
    And so on. It’s that “Happy Squirrel” card you have to worry about ;);););)


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