Home Discussion Forum Can they clone Albert Einstein since we have parts of his brain?

Can they clone Albert Einstein since we have parts of his brain?

In the future? I think it would be a great idea imagine 10 Einsteins working together on unravelling the universe? Although, Einstein did charge into battle with cavalry in his later years when he couldn’t come to terms with quantum mechanics.
In any case I think it would still be a great idea and a freaky one at that. Newton too! lol In fact all the great scientists.


  1. Why would you want to clone him?
    You do realize that alot of Einsteins discoveries have been discovered before.
    Like E=Mc^2

  2. probably,,,but for your information,,the thinking part for mathemathic in his brain (einstein) is 15% bigger than normal human brain,,,im wonder how to clone his brain haha

  3. Yeah.. having 10 Einstein’s will be cool. But will they all be geniuses like Einstein? I dont know.. Just because some one is physically identical to Einstein, does not mean that he will turn out to be exactly like him. A lot of small things which probably happened in his life, would have made him the genius he was…
    I guess its worth a try.. how cool would it be..if the new Einstein disproves the original and gives a theroy which is even more beautiful than Realtivity.

  4. The funny thing is, that would be awesome because i have little doubt that Einstein would disprove parts of his old theories and make even better ones. He was a once in a lifetime mind, and the kind that really benefits all of mankind.


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