Home Discussion Forum can there be telepathy between soulmates or someone you love?

can there be telepathy between soulmates or someone you love?

get messages to them through dreams?


  1. Have you ever thought about someone you have not thought about or had contact with in years, and then the phone rang and it was that person? That sort of thing has happened to me.
    Or have you felt suddenly ill, and then discovered that a loved one was having a health crisis?
    There are many ways that telepathy can occur. Just because we do not understand the process, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

  2. There is evidence of communication between people who are connected and isolated from one another. This evidence was gathered using strict scientifically controlled methods and was analyzed using standard analysis techniques common in social science experiments.
    Dean Radin recruited pairs of friends who both had an interest in participating in a test of connectedness or telepathy (reference #1). In this experiment, the friends were placed in separate rooms and each was connected to an EEG machine to measure their heart rate and EEG state throughout the experiment. One of the pair viewed an image that sometimes caused an emotional response that affected the EEG of that person. In the analysis, it was found that the EEG of both people were similar in variance and in the stregnth of the variance. This indicated that there was a connection between the two people that would not normally be detected by standard physical means. In this experiment, the two friends were not soul mates, but they were asked to try to maintain a “feeling of connectedness” through the experiment.
    Another experiment measured telepathy between mothers and daughters (reference #2). Again the results indicated that there was telepathic communication between the family members.
    If friends and family members can produce signs of telepathy in controlled experiments, there is every reason to believe that people who share a very close connection could also demonstrate telepathy. Events in real life can be deceptive because sometimes, small physical cues or regular behavior can be anticipated by one of the pair. On the other hand, if telepathy exists in a controlled laboratory environment, it is very likely that people who love each other would also develop a stronger method of non-verbal communication – like telepathy.
    There may be ways to communicate through dreams, but I don’t know of any formal research that has successfully demonstrated dream communication.

  3. Yes….but I don’t think you can MAKE it happen. If you’re lucky it happens. You can WANT it to happen and it might not happen. Like most paranormal things.. it happens when it wants to. We’re not really in charge of it.If it happened all the time then the people who get kidnapped could psychically contact their families to help them. But then you’re always hearing about some of those families saying that they feel their loved ones are alive… but that can’t be proven until they are found alive. But maybe when they have this feeling of their presence it could be that they are feeling their spirits if they have died.

  4. I wouldn’t call it telepathy, because really it’s just a matter of good chemistry and knowing that person really well.
    My fiance and I are what you’d call “soul mates,” and we can often just look at each other and know what the other is thinking. He and I often will write down our dreams in the morning and then compare them, and they usually correlate/are similar.
    So, while I’m more inclined to believe the scientific explanation (similar stresses, both people thinking about the same events, etc.), it CAN happen. I guess it’s all a matter of what you want to call it.

  5. Not literal telepathy. But people who live together for a time, share a common life, and share common experiences to a considerable extent will tend to know the same things, feel the same way about them, have the same thoughts and memories, sense the same things around them AND have the same hopes and dreams and expectations for the future. Nothing remotely surprising about that, right?


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