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can there be any consciousness without memory ?

none of us can remember being in mother’s womb. But yet we were alive. Hence the question is, do memories create something like consciousness ?


  1. “do memories create something like consciousness ?”
    If you don’t remember that you killed the clerk at Target, then you wouldn’t feel guilty nor care. So I guess it wouldn’t cause it to be on your conscious.

  2. Concious is present form and Memory is Past incident hence there is no link between these two character, both are independent in nature

  3. no i don’t think they do. i dont’ need to remember yesterday to have consciousness today.
    maybe you mean conscience? a conscience is different and is learned so memory does define this.

  4. consciousness is effected by memory ..because memory is involved in how you perceive things.
    This explanation is From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consciousness
    Consciousness may involve thoughts, sensations, perceptions, moods, emotions, dreams, and self-awareness.[1] It is variously seen as a type of mental state, a way of perceiving, or a relationship between self and other.

  5. Consciousness exists independantly from memory. If you were to lose your memories tomorrow, you would retain your consciousness. However memories change the way you consciously view the world, so they do have an impact on it.

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