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Can the use of Psychedelic Plants give us a preview of a higher consciousness?

When using Marijuana or Mushrooms NON-FREQUENTLY
I have experienced a vast expansion of my awareness,
meaning I have instantly become aware of higher truths of the moment,
higher truths of my nature,
big-picture perceptions of what is happening in the world,
and I have seen through illusions with instant ease.
Has anyone else had such a divine experience by ingesting a psychedelic plant?


  1. In using such one experiences the illusion rather than the true reality of being.
    On a cloudy day one may still realize the sun is shining but not be able to see the same clearly.
    The stars and the moon exist unseen on a cloudy night.
    One sees further on a clear and cloudless day.
    The stars and moon light the cloudless night.

  2. Absolutely. Psychedelics, as Huxley would put it, are Doors in the Walls of Perception, allowing us to catch a brief glimpse of whats outside our constructed model of reality [Maya]. In fact, spiritual experiences are caused by a chemical in your brain called DiMethylTryptamine. This chemical is secreted when you dream, during out of body and spiritual experiences and moments before death.
    Our minds are capable of observing a small sliver of Truth, but embracing too much causes one to lose the ability to interact with our socially constructed reality. Furthermore for those that are unable to be receptive and insist on trying to force these visions into their learned world view, they risk going ‘mad’ due to too much information and inter-connectivity. This is where Zen training comes in and allows you to train your mind to handle such huge topics.
    I’d also recommend LSD, Peyote [Mescaline] and DMT [if you can manufacture it] as these are the much higher and more powerful experiences. But forewarned, your mind must be prepared to handle the great truth and you must have a clear mind and a receptive attitude. It is not so much a ‘higher’ consciousness, but an expanded consciousness, experiencing that which would normally be filtered out in order to function in daily life.

  3. The philosopher Alan Watts was asked by the Esalen Institute in Big Sur to ingest LSD to find out whether or not it could induce the Mystical Experience. He said that the first two times it did not (he did experience visual effects and other changes in perception), but on the third time not only did it induce the mystical experience, but the experience was far more profound than it had ever been before.


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