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Can the Tarot cards tell you which occupation is best suited for you?

How can the Tarot cards be interpreted to give you an idea which occupation is best suited for you?


  1. Don’t put a lot of stock into Tarot card readings.
    Don’t believe that something bad is going to happen just because you read it in a fortune cookie.
    Have you ever wondered why horoscopes are so ambiguous and don’t get into specifics ??

  2. The Tarot is a wonderful spiritual and psychological tool, but please don’t stop thinking for yourself.
    You could ask the Tarot about the likely outcome of choosing different occupations, e.g. one might mean high financial security and low job satisfaction. There are a lot of Tarot cards related to work so I am sure that it can give you some pointers.
    Tarot is unlikely to give you a specific answer to a general question on this as it only has 78 “words” in its vocabulary (double if you use reversed cards).
    Try a different spread for each occupation that you have in mind, e.g. a pros and cons spread. Ultimately you must decide what is important to you.

  3. The tarot cards don’t answer the questions — the reader of the cards does. The cards will give clues to the reader, but they are just the medium. The reader will “see” the answer. The exact same cards can mean different things in different readings. The reader uses them to help her find the answer, but ultimately, they aren’t needed. The answers aren’t in the cards at all.
    I think a tarot reader can guide you, but ultimately, you are the one who must live your life, therefore, you must be the one to make the decisions.


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