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Can the soul leave the body at will and go in the astral regions and be back?


  1. The spirit can leave the body and return but this is dangerous. It is something the New Agers and occultists are involved in. This is one way they spy on people and control people. They even try killing people this way but the angels of God can protect anyone who is trusting him.

  2. Yes, it is astral travel. There are specific spiritual/yogic practices to attain that and there are people who have attained it that I have seen. Out of the body experiences ( OBE ) is also a kind of astral travel that is also induced by hypnosis in certain specialized condition.

  3. If God wills it. It is called Bi-location St Pio did this many times. He lived in San Giovanni Rotonda, Italy all his life, but was seen in Rome, Canada, and the USA, yet he never left his home town.
    Actually many many saints have experienced this through the years, and if you read the life of any saint it is explained in the different gifts God has given them.
    However it is hard to fathom these things when we only have our lolly life to compare it to. For we cannot do this our selves, only God can give you this gift. God bless you.

    • hey belivers, I would like a little bit more information on why god would give somebody the gith to leaving the body. would this even be considered a gift? I thought this was a bad thing to experience? Its kind of like being close to death or something, aint it? The reason Im asking this is because I had something super strange happen 2 days ago & I feel kind of scared & at the same time confused.

  4. Blessings……..The Soul cannot leave the body during life! But the subtle energy body called the Astral can, and does regularly leave a body while we sleep. This is so for all people, who will remember strange dreams if they remember anything from their nocturnal adventures. I think this is a form of stress or pressure relief for us while embodied.
    The soul does not reside in the body completely, as it is far too huge and far too active on other levels of awarness to confine itself so. Instead, a small portion of Soul will surround and enter to animate the foetus prior to birth. The remainder of the Soul will continue to function in other realms as it always has.

  5. Yes your soul do leave your body and those that think not is fool’s that follow the lie’s of men. hate to say this but since religion our abilities to do great thing’s has been put on hold because of the bullshit they fill our heads up with. instead of focusing on the chakaras we look at bull crap like brainwashing T.V. show’s the educate us with their system that they have created they tell you what is right and wrong taking away your free will. continue to seek the truth because you are a soul you have a body.

  6. I dispute the opinion that the soul only leaves a body after death. Based on my own personal experience (not experimentation) I saw what I believe to be my own soul enter my body. I have researched the Web if anyone has had a similar expereince, whilst being fully conscious and of sound body and mind, but there’s been no one else. So believe you me, I am only witness to that experience which has thrown up more questions than answers. And also challenges what the major religions say about the soul , life and death.


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