Can the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey be used in Spiritual as well as atheistic Satanism?

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sure but its the road to nowhere…


Isn’t atheistic satanism an oxymoron?


It can be used in toilet stall throughout the country(it is where it belongs)

Not a Member

So, let me get this straight… You believe in a god enough to worship an anti-god?
Isn’t that kind of futile? … like a role playing game?


Boo you stupid Saintan, u black magic person! I am a White Magic Wiccan and I would enjoy if you did not put Hexes on innocent people and do the horrible things you do. Please don’t harm me or any of my brothers or sisters! especially dear Mother Earth. This is why we have to put salt around us when me meditate, so no hexes get to us or your evil spirit!

Don D
The Origins of Satanism
Satanism is not a Christian invention
Satanism predates Christianity and all other religions
Satanism is not about spooks, goblins, vampires, Halloween monsters or other related entities
Satanism is not about “evil”
Satanism is not an invention of, or a “reaction” to Christianity
Satanism is not a creation of Anton LaVey
Satanism is not about death
True Satanism is about elevating and empowering humanity to reach equality with the Gods, which was our True Creator (Satan’s) intention
From “Peace Be Unto Him”
Due to centuries of misinformation, lies, and the systematic removal of knowledge, few people these days understand or even know what “Satanism” really is all about.
Christianity has been at liberty to dictate without any opposition, what they CLAIM Satanism to be. In order to accomplish this, the truth had to be destroyed. The Catholic Church (the original Christian Church, from which all Christian sects have evolved), heinously tortured to death and mass-murdered millions of innocent men, women and children in what was known as “The Inquisition.” Some children who were burnt to death in what were known as “witch houses” were as young as two years of age.¹
Christians forever rant and rave concerning the “one world order” where all identities, cultures, personal privacies, and liberties will be lost and humanity, after being systematically bar-coded, will be lumped into a one-world slave state. What they fail to see is how their own so-called “religion” and bible have always been and are the roots of and blueprint for this regime. Everything in the Judeo/Christian Bible has been stolen and corrupted from religions predating Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from hundreds to thousands of years. Through Judaism and its tool of Christianity, all of the original spiritual teachings from around the world, (which are CONCEPTS) have been stolen from, lumped together into the “one,” and corrupted into Jewish archetypes and characters and fictitious places. This has given the Jewish people as a whole a false history, political power and “spiritual” authority to which they are not entitled.
The bible is a very powerful subliminal tool to control the masses. One can see this is a man-made work as there are endless contradictions. The bible has been systematically drummed into the minds of the populace from a very early age. A lie must always be enforced as opposed to the truth which can stand on its own. Because spiritual knowledge and occult power have been removed and kept in the hands of a “chosen” few, the unknowing populace has been helpless against it. The agenda here is to create a one-world slave state with the “chosen” few ruling at the top. The perpetrators of course blame Satan to create a necessary distraction, while they use occult power to accomplish their ends. They have a history of stealing from and blaming their enemies for everything they really are and do, while always holding themselves in the highest esteem and innocence.
The original religions now known as “Satanism” (by the way, “Satan” means “enemy” in Hebrew), were all based upon what is known as the “Magnum Opus” or Great Work. The one known as “Satan” is our True Creator God. He was prevented by the other Gods from finishing his work on humanity, that of the godhead. The godhead is physical and spiritual perfection. Now, if you continue to read on, I will prove this.
The serpent is seen everywhere in ancient relics and structures. The serpent was held sacred in all areas of the ancient world. Satan is the God Ea, aka ENKI, one of the first of the Nephilim to arrive on this planet and establish the first civilization. In Sumerian mythology, Enki’s symbol was always the serpent.
The serpent represents the DNA, the life force and the kundalini and has survived as the emblem of the American Medical Association and Veterinary medicine, where it is symbolic of life and healing. Only with the coming of Judeo/Christianity, has this sacred symbol been desecrated and blasphemed.

Xiao Gui

Of course. Much of the material in the Book of Leviathan is based on spiritual Satanist traditions. When you get right down to it, they aren’t all that different.


idk whats atheistic satanism but i agree with Don D.


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