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Can the radiation, vibration, aura of another person be like a medicine for you?

I have this experiences concerning people that their sheer personality or what they radiate or their aura is as if this alone has an healing influence on me. Other people but do the opposite. They confuse me and I feel I need to close of or be careful. How can this be that a person is like a “medicine” to heal your own emotional pain even without talking to them, their sheer presence does that, or even only the thought on them?
Sounds perhaps stupid, but I would like to know if somebody has some thoughts about this.
Why do you feel this medicine also over a distance, so if they are far away?
Hi Izen, but how does somebody “allow” that. What does this person do?


  1. not strange at all……i know that i do better if i am around positive people instead on negative people…..negative people bring me down….so i try to have positive reinforcements in every area of my life……yes i believe in the healing power of a persons aura….

  2. Yes, very true. It can be a wonderful medicine. But it should not ever be “taken”, only “given” or “allowed”. A precious gift indeed!

  3. If a person is connected to source energy there is no possibility of depletion. The more often a person is connected to source the more feeling connected becomes habitual. This is because it feels so good. It is the same as when a person cleans themself of all pollution, one gets to be more sensitive. Therefore as soon as they feel lousy they know they need to do something.
    Therefore the universe has a law in place that limits this kind of vampirism or energy sucking. It is the law of attraction, ^That which is like unto itself is drawn^. What this means here is that people of very different levels of energy will automatically drift apart. When their energy becomes similar again, they tend to be drawn back together again.

  4. Absolutely, there are many people who have this capability, actually I believe that we all have it inherently, and to ‘activate’ it is only necessary to recognise and ‘claim’ that attribute. I have experienced this from others, and have also experienced the ‘draining’ phenomenom, which seems to me almost like a psychic ‘vampire’.
    When ‘giving’ of one’s personal emanations it is very important to be aware of the extent to which this can drain one’s energy levels, and some form of ‘protection’ needs to be used.
    One of the easiest ways to ‘help’ another is to literally take their pain, but when this is the process it should be remembered that that pain or condition needs to be ejected from the healer’s body/mind complex as well.
    One of the best visual representations of this was the excellent movie of Steven King’s “Green Mile”, starring Tom Hanks, if you haven’t seen it’s well worth it, if this subject interests you.
    Otherwise try looking for the books by Barbara Ann Brennan, which I think are truly excellent.

  5. Not stupid at all. You’re very sensitive as opposed to others who are oblivious to the human aura. We’re a very social species, many of us intensely aware, so we’re entirely susceptible to each others influences. Just a little something of several curiosities we developed down the evolutionary path.


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