can the power of our subconscious mind is so strong that it can cure any disease?






im just 20 female and suffering from androgenetic alopecia/baldness…just read somewhere that our subconscious mind is so strong that it can heal any disease..there have been just thought if this can be cured…any experiences to share


  1. No… I don’t think the subconscious mind can physically regenerate cells that are long since dead (in my case.. I am a type 1 diabetic) I would love to see someone actually do that!

  2. Hello,
    Not sure about this, is it genetic?
    The mind can heal many things, however I feel that not all conditions are of the body itself. Some illnesses are from virus’s, microscopic organisms that are a live. How can the mind kill such things?
    To some extent I guess this could be true that the mind can cure some things, but not all.

  3. Yes TO SOME EXTENT the mind kan heal some diseases and some defects. This is called psychosomatic activity.
    To give you a real example of this let me tell you that in the pharmaceutical industry, when we do the last kind of tests of a new medicine on humans, we always add a control group who are given a sugar pill (placebo) WHILST THE PATIENTS ARE EXTENSIVELY DESCRIBED THAT WHAT THEY ARE GETTING IS THE LATEST WONDER MEDICINE. Now the strange thing is that in this control group (which is really not getting any medicine) you see up to 20%-25% patients improve. This is called the placebo effect and is due to psychosomatic factors. You can observe similar improvements in “holy” places like Lourdes and Fatima, where terminal patients all of a sudden go into remission. This is largely due to psychosomatic religious hystery. How it works nobody knows.

  4. Hello
    Subconscious mind has immense power and it is has infinite healing powers. This is the part of our mind that has created our organs, muscles and takes care of our whole body. I would say that I have been practicing this for few months and now started to see the change in my hairline, which has started to improve. And I believe that the full recovery is not far.

  5. Yes absolutley. If not, why do some people die to some diseases and others don’t? When the doctors tell you: “There is no cure to your disease”, do you have to belieave them? Don’t belieave them. Before, it was tought that cancer was incurable. But some people didn’t want to agree, and when the doctors told them that they were going to die, they just tought “No, this is not true”. And there ARE people who OVERCAME cancers, that is a FACT. If everyone person who has cancer belieaved the doctors, they would all be dead now. The thing in question is that they DID NOT BELIEAVE IT. It’s the same for every disease, in my opinion. I belieave this for myself… Belieave what you want to! Not what others shove down your throat!

  6. this is the belief i grew up with and i am 20 years of age and it has worked on me just fine. all you gotta do is tell yourself and visualize yourself in great health or in whatever position you want to be.

  7. Doctors words are not the final. the whole world, each creations in this univers is wonder and our body is a solid form of energy, and this energy can be infuenced and altered and can be harmonized by a master energy control…the mind. ANY THING IS POSSIBLE THROUGH MIND, TO THOSE WHO KNOW-HOW TO USE IT. hr( now i just checked my blood sugar and is 125, i ate around 30 grams chocolate 1.5 hrs ago, ate 100 grams icecream last night. it was above 200 around 3 months back and now i am absolutely free of diabetes on a medicine called – SUBCONSIOUS POWER)

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