Can the pituitary gland heal itself?

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After visiting the endocronologist he says that the ssris has messed up my pituitary gland and to leave it six months beofre going back to see him.
Is this a cop out or can the pituarity gland heal itself ?
Hi Matthew, does that mean the gland is moved? Apologies for not sounding very technical but its all new to me.

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Every part of your body can heal itself to a certain extent. Your doc probably wants to see if your body can fix this by itself or if there is some permanent damage.

rock maniac

No I do not think it can if it does not like it should I would trust the doctor on this one

yaser h

theoretically it is possible even if there is one cell remaining that will divide and recreate the gland, but if the gland was totally destroyed then there is no way for the gland to recover….

Matthew G

Yaser is correct, your brain however, doesn’t divide cells as quickly as it likes to replace unimportant sections with important ones. Your not going to be happy about this but, your brain is going to delve into every other section a tiny bit and make those areas your new pituitary gland.

Jen S

Find another doctor. Is that one a neuro-endocrinologist (one that treats pituitary conditions?)
First of all, the pituitary does not heal itself – that is very rare.
Second of all, why wait 6 months – to get sicker?
Did he run tests?

lab rat

It sounds like this wasn’t explained very well. I expect what has happened is that the SSRI has increased the level of a hormone called prolactin – I’m guessing this was picked up on a blood test. This is an occasional effect of SSRIs. Prolactin is produced by the pituitary gland (small and just under your brain). If this is what has happened with you, then there is not necessarily anything wrong with the pituitary gland itself – just that the SSRI has stimulated the pituitary to release more prolactin. If the SSRI is stopped, the pituitary will just go back to releasing the normal amount of prolactin – it is not damaged in any way. Your doc probably wants to stop your meds for a while just to make sure it really is the SSRI that is causing this and not a genuine pituitary problem. If he was genuinely worried there was something wrong with your pituitary though, I doubt he would leave it 6 months.
Edit: In someone whose pituitary gland was actually damaged, not it could not heal itself. And the pituitary is not part of the brain, it’s a little pea-sized thing just underneath your brain. It can’t move.


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