Can the Occult/Magic/Wicca/Tantra transform you into whatever you desire (a billionaire for example)?

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If that’s possible, where does one need to begin? How is it it brought about? Can you mention some testimonials of such events, personal or historical?
Your valuable advice is most appreciated.
Thank You.

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Is Revelations 13, 10 referring to Satan’s Secret society and spiritual captivity to Witchcraft?
Has the N.W.O. / Nazis Within the Order with its many branches, such as the “Free” Masons / Shriner’s / Mafia / New Age Movement just to name a few, distributed occult paraphernalia into society to cause spiritual bondage / captivity to witchcraft? Is this how the N.W.O. places people into spiritually captivity Rev 13, 10? Are Games such as Ouija boards, tarot cards, even the “8” ball with its pyramid in the middle, forms of (divination)? Could role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons be another method used to take people into captivity? Is magic art a method to lead victims into spiritual bondage, (which is the precursor to Transcendental Meditation, the secret ceremony used for distributing the “Spiritual Mark of the Beast”)? Has Harry Potter witchcraft books been distributed into society to lure people away from God and take them spiritually captive to witchcraft? Deuteronomy 18, 9 strictly forbids these practices.
Is it by spiritual captivity caused from these “games” / practices that people / victims are forced with witchcraft to go through the “secret ceremony” performed with transcendental meditation? In said transcendental meditation state, the victims are forced to except the worship of one of “Satan’s Secret Society’s” many “Gods”. They say that in accepting the worship of one you accept “all” there “Gods”. These are no Gods at all but demonic entities, one including the Devil! Is this the powerful delusion spoken of in the Bible 2 Thessalonians 11, and the method for enslaving society through means of witchcraft / demonic powers? Here are a few verses giving insight. “Those who go into captivity into captivity they will go” Rev 13, 10. “Who enslaved nations by her witchcraft” Nahum 3, 4. “By your magic spell all nations were led astray” Rev 18, 23.
There is a way out!!! “Those who overcame, overcame by the blood of the lamb and the “WORD” of their testimony, they didn’t love there own life’s so much as to shrink from death”. “This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints” Rev 12, 11. Witchcraft / the powers of the Devil are real Job 2, 7. Are you aware that “the martyrs for Christ who don’t receive, what I believe to be, the “spiritual mark of the Beast” will come to life and reign with Christ for 1000 years during the millennium” Rev.20, 4? Would you trade a short life on earth for a 1000 year reign with Jesus Christ, and then so much more? Amen Brothers and sisters!!! You no who you are!
Also, are you aware that this society has been in the process of being set up for a long time under the totalitarian / evil rule of the Devil! Look up George Washington / Free Masons and the location of the Whitehouse and associated government buildings. This is just one of many examples. NWO / “Free” Mason symbolism has been distributed across the land. Satan and his followers are quite boastful. The Devil has been preparing for the coming tribulation for quite some time, when God will give him authority along with the Beast for 42 months of living HELL! And we thought Hitler was bad!


Don’t fall for such craps, why do you think that they want to transform you into YOUR desired person? They are brainwashing you to be receptive to their sales pitch and buy their products which are usually very expensive becoz’ they are going to help you to achieve your greatest dream that you can ever have.


No. It can’t do that. Well, I don’t know if it could or not, but I definitely wouldn’t try it.
If you do a spell or something for money, then your mum could die and you would get money through inheritence.
Is that worth it?


In short… No. You pick up the practice because it is who you are and you want to. There are easier ways to achieve results in modern society. magic as a practice is a desire that comes from a natural ability in ones self. If you do it for power you will fail, if you do it to “transform” yourself you will fail. You take into the practice the same thing you came with and get out of it only what you put in. The same can be said by any successful person in life no matter what their chosen path. If someone tells you different then they are selling you something. To quote Bodhi Dharma “If you see the Buddha on the path, kill him.”


Not likely.
For one thing, magic is not instant gratification in the twitch of a nose. It can take years of practice, study and mental discipline just to become adept at it.
It could take years and years and years of constant daily study, meditation, mental discipline and practice to become adept enough to make major changes like that.
If one’s heart isn’t into the craft, they just give up when they realize the immense undertaking the art of magic is.
You might as well put your effort and time towards your own passions to get rich.
It’s like you can’t just decide “I’m going to write a book and earn 1 million dollars” if your heart isn’t into the craft of writing. Most likely you will fail…. and the vast majority of writers (like 97%) will never make a million dollars from writing… but they will still pursue it because they love it. And only those who do it for love seem to ever reach that lofty goal.
Most people who do magic are willing to give up creature comforts for a higher purpose. However, some people who practice some types of magic do use it for prosperity, but more in short bursts– to land a job, or to get a pay raise, or pay a bill, or buy some clothes, or go on a vacation. Smaller, more realistic goals.
Magic is not like in the movies, it’s more subtle. In movies, it can move moutains with the flick of a wand or with the muttering of a rhyme… in real life, it can move mountains, but usually only one stone at a time, and only for people who have learned how to do it and gotten their brains in shape for the task.


You’ll notice that all the answers so far are fear based coming from people who fear.
I’ve achieved all my dreams and more. Of course personal transformation begins with personal annihilation. You can’t become something different and remain the same. Which means you have to have the courage to watch your world and sense of reality come apart.
Few can do that. You may be able to imagine watching something manifest out of thin air, but actually seeing it and possessing it will drive you to the brink of madness. The way of the Necromancer is a lonely road. You’d be lucky to encounter a mentor, books won’t help you.
The down side is wealth, sex, positon, cease to mean anything to you. Not because of the way you got them. Rather, because you’ve experieced life on the causual planes and learned to swin in the infinite abyss and everything else pales by comparrison. Once your connection to the wolrd of men is severed you get to high to be bothered with all the pettyness of humankind. I’m free to write this because it won’t make a difference.

Whether his Craft helped him win the lottery is for you to decide.


I fear the answer to your question is no. with all spiritual things. When you play around for your own personal gain, you lose big time. As it always back fires which sent nothing but bad luck your way 3 times over.

Matthew V

No more than any other religion can. You ultimatley make your own happy. A religion is just one’s path.


how can a one join this secret society to become billionaire
examples like this
can it help man to become rich with great wealth


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