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Can the kundalini ever become dormant again?

I think that I may have unknowingly awakened the kundalini. I say this because I knew nothing about it and everything in me told me that I was having a “spiritual emergency”. I started to have cranial pressure and having a very cool feeling at the top of my head as if liquid was spewing out of the top of my head, body aches and anxiety and I’m very fearful. I thought it was because of anemia but I went to the doctor and they say that I am fine. I knew in the back of my mind that this was a spiritual problem.
I heard someone mention kundalini ONE time but I knew nothing about it. Something told me to look it up and all of my symptoms line up with the kundalini syndrome. I do hope this is not the case but I would like to know my options just in case.
I am not saying these are the symptoms of it rising I think it may be kundalini syndrome.


  1. That is nothing near what Kundalini rising feels like. I’d guess that was probably just a blood vessel issue in your head.
    To answer your question, I believe so, as you will ebb and flow in your life.

  2. Mind, body and spirit are greatly inter-related. Jewel, I don’t think that you need to be worried. You are very loved, and in fact unconditionally…anything you need will be given in time, and if you have awakened your kundalini you don’t need to be fearful because in fact this is part of your growth. Your higher self, in accordance with all life, is guiding your journey. It can be awkward at first, but with an accompanying balancing via reading, meditation and self discovery you are going to be just fine!! Follow your heart 🙂
    Much love and light to you 🙂
    Edit: I have heard of Kundalini Syndrome. I know it is rare. If you do have a blockage I would think the best way of ‘unblocking’ it would be to study more about the Kundalini. My experience has always been that when I am READY and in the right place on my spiritual journey the Kundalini is activated…so I would assume that something isn’t in balance for you right now (if there is a block) and the best way to resolve this would be to understand more about the self.

  3. It is not that uncommon for people to have peculiar little brain glitches in which temporary, peculiar sensations such as head pain, dizziness, disorientation, and extreme anxiety , or other sensations might be felt. They are like seizure episodes. If this happens again, you might want to be examined by a neurologist. That being said, what certain Tantric yogis call Kundalini energy is the thing that gives you life, so nothing to be fearful of. Don’t be too impressed by the sensationalist pop-literature out there on this subject. The phenomena is universal and is called different things in different cultures and spiritual systems. It can be manipulated for spiritual, psychological, and physical transformation and evolution. Certain yogic practices that ultimately effect the neuroelectrochemistry can have a bad effect on some people because they are not prepared for the experience. From the literature I’ve read though, bad experiences occur in people who either force practice, do practices incorrectly or jump into advanced practices when they should be doing preliminary practices,or mix practices with recreational drug use. Most people who have problems are those that have psychological or psychiatric problems that they haven’t resolved. Sometimes spontaneous Kundalini fall-out in folks who do not intentionally work with kundalini is the body/mind trying to resolve problems in a dramatic way–and it is mixed in with psychological and health issues. Where one begins and the other ends can’t be defined.
    If you had been meditating and had this experience and found it to be disturbing, stop meditating for a while and modify your practice when you begin again. Kundalini arousal should be a warm, energized, energy feeling. The body may automatically move when this occurs. This is common, but it should be controllable. That is, it should be allowed to happen when you are meditating, not when you are shopping. A major kundalini-rising event often feels like an intense heat swelling up through the body into the head. Impressions of light and sensations of awe (fright) mixed with ecstasy may be experienced. Some experience intense orgasmic sensations as well. When the experience subsides, you should feel very clear, calm, and happy for a while. Despite the claims in the literature, most people who have this experience just go back to being ordinary people although they may be a little better of a person than they were before. They may again experience similar sensations or less dramatic effects over time. They are not the goal; they are the side effects of changes in the body, brain, and “soul.”

  4. Kundalini awakening is the most pleasurable experience you can have. The experiences you describe have nothing to do with the rising of the kundalini except for the coolness but that is felt as a breeze and the head feels free….no pressure at all and no anxiety.


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