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Can the Kundalini be raised by sound?

By sound I mean overtone chanting, mantra and with instruments like temple gongs, trumpets and singing bowls

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  1. The kundalini is raised by your own consciousness and how you actually achieve that can be accomplished by many paths including but not restricted by those you named.

  2. Kundalini cannot be raised by sound alone. The Kundalini has fallen from its original primordial state, because of our indulgence in pleasure, ego-gratification and sensation that is detrimental to the entire physical organism and the only way to raise the Kundalini is through unity skills and methods to cultivate, transform, redirect and distribute the earth’s ground energy, food energy, sexual energy, dormant primal energy, emotional energy, sound energy, mind energy, breath energy, the secretions of the endocrine glands and the energy from the mysterious art of sleep, rest, relaxation and meditation; only then can we raise the Dragon’s force and reach the ultimate convergence in oneself.
    Thought and its continuous movement of attachments, associations, memories, dreams, emotions, desires and biological urges separates us from the original primordial state and when thought and its entire involuntary movement goes into abeyance through contact with the silent observer and its vivid and electric power of witnessing, the Dragon’s force rises to the crown centre, reuniting the conditioned temporal state with the original primordial state and for that to happen we need to practice unity skills and energy cultivation, transformation and redirection methods to attain a body that is a powerful, sensitive, responsive, instrument; vital energy, internal force, concentrated mental power and the ability to direct it and intuitive faculties that align with unconditioned intelligence.
    The empowerments to raise the Kundalini must include the art of harmonious discipline, internal cleansing, fasting, ultimate nutrition, sexual energy cultivation, transformation and redirection, primal energy work, yogic exercises, gestures, postures and breath energy work, internal and external power training, dual cultivation, physical, sensory, mental and emotional control methods; the art of sleep, rest, relaxation and serene contemplation; mantra, dynamic, active and passive methods of Dhyan/meditation.
    So sound energy cultivation is one of the empowerments but only when it is used in conjunction with the other empowerments will the Kundalini rise there are no short cuts.

  3. I do not see why the kundalini could not be raised by mantra’s, gongs, trumpets and singing bowls. Possibly, with drums too. Life is a series of musical overtones anyway, even the quiet of meditation. Within the quiet, there is a humming or the sound of your heart beating.
    In life, there are musical overtones wherever you are. Your Third Ear can hear this which will raise the kundalini.

  4. Sound is part of Kundalini. Kundalini is the energy of passion, the more passion the better the sound, it is this way with all things as every thing is Kundalini, without it nothing would exist.

  5. Only if you can set free the coiling can you stretch to the Shiva. What is your instrument? What makes you uncoil? When you find that in you, you begin to learn, understand and stretch.

  6. Yes, try any Hare Krishna temple, or even go to a Bhajan session in any ashram in India, a good one is the Sai Baba temple in Puttapharti.

  7. Yes ..its raised with mantra, kirtan etc whether recited, or heard or only spoken in the mind.It is raised by any spiritual practice when ego is subdued and you have overcome desires , mental conditioning etc

  8. Yes , through a methodology of mantras , sound frequencies , bodys acc correspondence points , grounding , SUN , diet ,mudras , charkra harmonization , exercise , calming of the egp , microtubules harmonization , daily smiling , smelling of essential oils , deep breathing & other , sniff & smell , and more that does quickly lead to full awakening bliss & nirvana. This is all done will total methodology or the result will be worse off ; but this is deffinately a major pay off. So easy it sounds to good to be true. BUT it is & PLEASE let the world know of this strikingly easy way to induce the OPTIMAL state of the body.


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