Can the internet be compared to synapses in a collective consciousness?

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She It I do

About as close to
All the fans at a NFL football game
Kind of one tract mind


There is memory but not consciousness.

Zsolt H

You are spot on Mr. Shooter!
The internet will serve as the base for a new society where humanity learns how to connect into a single whole again, in a virtual, non-physical, boundary-less connection.
All the best to you!

The Son of the Morning Star

To the person who has not yet had a taste of the Collective conscious and with full awareness of it… I’d say yes as it is the single most complete form of attaining any information searched.
But to the Adept that walks the Akashic Library(collective consciousness) No not at all. The Akashic library is a collection of emotion, thought, feeling, meaning and birthing thought. there is no comparison in tangible form of this that a comparison can be made of that justifies the magnitude of possibility. The Collective consciousness is not just a collection of knowledge. Thus making a comparison is not even a valid area of philosophizing about since it is a living breathing evolution of self towards the unity of a wide range of vibrational frequencies making up the spectrum of existence coming from consciousness as a whole not just pertaining to humans.


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