Home Discussion Forum Can the idea of reincarnation and christianity coexist with one another?

Can the idea of reincarnation and christianity coexist with one another?

Can the idea of reincarnation and christianity coexist with one another? instead of having to think it’s one way or the other i just want to know wat u guys think. and if u could explain it. thanks! appreciate it!


  1. Yes, some even think Scripture suggests it. I guess its how they perceived it, opinions vary.
    Anyone care to explain what its called when Elijah was supposed to return? Or what did it imply when they asked if John the Baptist was Elijah? Was Jesus Elijah? All this implies reincarnation.
    Btw, Nelia, I stated no absolutes, so, how could I be incorrect about my own personal opinion? You make no sense.

  2. No. The bible says truth and untruth can not reside together. So either you believe in one or the other. If you believe the bible to be the one true word of God then reincarnation is a farse. The bible says it is appointed unto mankind “once” to die, and after death, judgement. A half truth means no truth.

  3. Yes,just that the christian will not except as they are not in the bible.Christian do not really ask question about their own bible worthiness?Why sunshine on all but some do not received?Why rain fall on all alike but sometimes christian do not believe in what others said?May God Bless All With Wisdom.

  4. No. Jrrose is incorrect. The Bible doesen’t teach reincarnation. We are born as a body with a spirit and a soul and while the body and soul perish, the spirit lives for all eternity, however isn’t reincarnated into someone else, but will face God on Judgement Day to determine weather he or she will go to heaven or to hell.

  5. Yes, but it would be a lie.
    When talking about a product, would you look to the manual or some random guy on the street?
    You would choose the manual!
    So, please, look to the manual.

  6. No Not at all,
    Reincarnation assumes that eventually though many lifes one can be perfected and hence Jesus Christ and His sacrifice are meaningless. Christianity states the reality that we are evil and if you just give people 1000 lifes, they will sin in all 1000; only path is forgiveness through Jesus sacrifice. They are irreconcilable

  7. No, bcoz they are contrary to each other. In christianity, after life it’s the afterlife and depending on how you lived your life and choices made you either go to heaven or hell ………. total opp of reincarnation, so how can they coexist?

  8. Yes before Genesis 2:22 And the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of us, to know good and evil. Now, he must not put forth his hand and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever” –


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